How To Report A Missing Or Stolen Credit Card

How To Report A Missing Or Stolen Credit Card? Do you lose your credit card? Looking for a way out? I have good news for you. You can report your lost credit card to the issuer and also request a new card.

How To Report A Missing Or Stolen Credit Card

Immediately you misplaced or lose important stuff like a credit card, you should not delay in filing a report. Most people make such a mistake when they lost their credit card, thereby giving fraudsters a chance to milk their available credit. It’s very annoying and feels sad to know you just foot the bill for fraudsters.

However, to avoid such stories, then you must get back to action. When I said action, what do I mean? By calling on your card issuer or bank to report the case at hand.

How To Report A Missing Or Stolen Credit Card

To report your stolen or missing card, there are three ways you can do That

  • Dialing the customer care phone number. With the credit card customer service number, cardholders can easily lay a complaint about their lost or missing card. To get the customer service phone, simply visit your credit card statement or their website.
  • Visit their nearest branch. To lay out your complaint, you can visit the nearest credit card Issuer branch.
  • Or visit their official website, and go to the help page to channel your complaint.

However, among these three options, the best way to report is by calling the customer service phone number.  You can log in to freeze your account and then request a replacement card. Wait within 3-7 working days to get your new card. After 7 working days, if you’ve not yet received your card, kindly contact the customer service representative.

What To Do After Reporting Your Loss of Credit Card

After, you report your lost or stolen card what next?

Follow Up the report in writing:

After placing a call to your stolen credit card Issuer, the next thing to do, to hasten the process is by writing to the bank/issuer either by mail or letter. While writing ensures you include your card details like account number, date, and the time you noticed your credit card was lost.

Endeavor to check your Credit Card statement:

It is very important to check your credit card statement from time to time. Should in case you sense any fraudulent activity, contact your credit card Issuer as soon as possible.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

It’s good to always check your insurance coverage because some homeowner’s and renter’s Insurance policies cover your liability for credit card theft. Though the highest you will have to pay out of pocket is $50, so, it may be worth checking to see if your insurance policy would cover that amount.

Following the steps listed above, I believe you will successfully report your missing or stolen card to the right channel. With this, you will be able to get a replacement for your lost card. Note; when you get the new replacement credit card, handle it with care to avoid another loss. Always keep your credit card details safe and make sure no one else has access to your account.

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