How To Scan And Send Your Documents

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To Scan and send your documents to your Android device you need a Google Drive feature and notes app for iPhone. You can freely Scan your document with your tablet or smartphone by installing the app on your device and allow it to use your phone camera.

scan and send documents

How To Scan and Send documents With Android device

  • Download and install Google drive on your phone
  • Launch Google drive
  • Click on the “+” sign in a circle
  • Press on “scan” beneath the camera icon
  • Set your phone camera over the document and click on “blue shutter” tab to capture the it
  • After a copy of your Scan displays on the screen, you can adjust your Scan with the options presented at the top of the screen, after, tap on the “check” sign
  • If you are satisfy with the look of your Scan document, click the “check” sign again

Send document from Android

  • Go to your email
  • Select “compose” to start a fresh message
  • Tap on “paperclip” to attach document
  • Select add attachment from “Google Drive” option
  • Find your scanned PD file and tap on it, to be attached to your email, and send

How To Scan and Send Documents With iPhone

  • Update your device to iOS 11
  • Click to open “notes” on your iPhone
  • Tap on the icon that has a pen in a square
  • Press the circle icon wit a plus “➕” inside
  • Select “circle with + inside ” again
  • Click on “scan documents” widget
  • Point your phone camera at the document and make sure the whole document appears on the screen
  • Tap on the “capture” button
  • An option appears asking you to “keep Scan or retake”
  • Pres on “save” tab
  • You can review your scanned document, to make corrections were necessary and select “done”
  • Click on the “icon that has arrow in a square pointing up” located at the top right of the screen
  • Move to the right and select “create PDF”, the pdf of your scanned document will open in notes
  • Press “done”
  • Tap “save file to”, and choose a location for your PDF file
  • Click “Add”

To send a scanned document from your iPhone

  • Move to your email and click to compose a new email message
  • Tap the “the paperclip” option to add an attachment
  • Locate the area you saved your pdf file, It could be in iCloud, your device and more
  • Send your email

Scan and Save documents With Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan app is a free application for Android and iOS device

  • Make sure adobe Scan is installed on your device
  • Open or login with your ID
  • If the scanning mode did not show, click the “camera” icon.
  • Set the camera over the document and capture it
  • Your scanned document will be presented for you to make correction or adjustment
  • Press on “save pdf”

To Send scanned document from Adobe Scan

  • Open “adobe Scan”
  • Click “X” to exit scanning mode
  • Locate the document, go to the thumbnail image beside the scan date,  for iPhone click “the three dots” for Android, Tap on “ for Android device, Press “share”
  • Select “share file”, tap “Gmail”, compose and send your Message (for iPhone)
  • Choose “email to” and click “Gmail” and send your message (for Android)


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