How to See Hidden Friend List On Facebook.

Hidden Friend List on Facebook. Facebook has really evolved over the years. That user can actually hide their friend’s list from the general public. Do people really hide their friend’s list on Facebook? How possible is it for Facebook users to hid their friends list on Facebook? This question pops up because it seems impossible. The answer to these above-mentioned questions is simply Yes. Facebook now has a modified friend list such that it can be hidden from the prying eyes. In this article, I will show you how to see the hidden friend list on Facebook.

Hidden Friend List On Facebook.

How Can I See Hidden Friend List on Facebook?

Searching for facebook hidden friend list is not that easy. By hiding your friends on Facebook one can stay secure. On Facebook, a lot of accounts have been a clone. Hackers have taken over such account, chatting up with your friends and making them feel there are chatting with you. Meanwhile, they are chatting with total strangers. Some in the process have come victims of mishaps and ugly events.

However, to access hidden friends list on Facebook profile where friends are hidden are mutual friends. That’s friends that are friends with you also. Those are the hidden friends you will find. But now there is a new way you can simply find hidden friends list including mutual friends. Read further in this article. But first, you must own a Facebook account. If you don’t have one here is how to create your Facebook account.

How to create a Facebook account

To cannot access hidden friends list onFacebook if you don’t have an active Facebook account. All that you need is a mobile phone number or an active email address. Here are steps to sign up for an account on Facebook;

  • On your mobile app device
  • Open the Facebook websites at
  • On the page, navigate to “Sign Up’ button
  • If you are using your PC, on the Facebook website, scroll down to ‘Sign up’ and create a new account.
  • Next page, enter your first name and surname
  • Check and choose your birth date and year correctly
  • Fill in your mobile phone number or email address
  • Choose your gender either male or female
  • Then, create a password
  • Check to ensure that all your details are correct as you confirm and verify
  • Then, Click on the ‘Sign up’ button

However, the next stage is verifying your phone number. Also, set your personal profile, verify your account and get a confirmation text or mail.

How to login to your Facebook account

  • Log in your details on the platform
  • Enter your Email address or a phone number and Password
  • Next, click on ‘Log In’ button

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook with Social Revealer

First of all, to see any users hidden friend list on Face, you must use a PC with download Google Chrome App Install in it. Next, follow these steps to begin:

  • Launch the Google Chrome Web Store and install “Social Revealer”
  • Next, open your Facebook account at
  • Log in to your account
  • Get to the person’s friend profile that you desire to see
  • Next, open the ‘Social Revealer’ extension and find “See friends”. Click on it. A new tab will be opened with a list of all the Facebook user’s  Facebook friends

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends On Facebook without Social Revealer extension

  • Log in to Facebook
  • Open the profile page of the person’s friend you desire to see
  • Open any image or post made by the person.
  • Next, you will find “fbid=” copy the number after it and stop before the “&” character.
  • Open a new tab and paste  edit the number between “Search /….. /friend” to the URL you copied before.
  • Click on the “enter “ search.
  • Next, a list of the entire person’s friends would be displayed.


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