How To Sell a Product On Amazon-sell product For beginners

Sell a product on Amazon is not a difficult task for beginners. All you need is to create a seller account with Amazon. However this program helps users to make a list of their products and sell them online Via Amazon platform.

sell a product on amazon

How does selling work on Amazon?

To sell items on this platform is easy, if you’re a beginner you don’t need to worry, all you need is to have Amazon “seller account” then make your product or item listing, to the view of potential customers, interested buyers can now make purchases, you will be notified to ship the item. So you go ahead to deliver the item to the buyer and then confirm shipment, and finally you will receive your payment from Amazon after transaction fee have been deducted. Moreover With the above detail beginners can get started with selling product on Amazon.

Requirements to create Amazon Seller Account

  • Contact information
  • Business details
  • Details on your tax registration

How To Create Account to sell on Amazon

  • Go to Amazon homepage
  • Click on “create an account” button
  • Enter your name, email address and password
  • Confirm password
  • Tap on “create your Amazon account” button

How to setup Seller account and start selling on Amazon for beginners

  • Go to Amazon homepage and then click on “your account” icon beneath the name at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click “your seller account” button From the menu
  • Press “start selling” tab
  • Select the type of seller you are from the options, by taping on “sell as an individual” or “sell as a professional” tab
  • Type in required info and then go to the next page to enter your selling details.
  • To verify your identity, enter your phone number and then click on “call me now” link
  • Click on “Register and continue” tab

How To Create a product Listing to sell on Amazon-for beginners

  • Proceed to Amazon website and login to your account. For beginners simply Key in your email address, tap no to the password available, then hit the “submit” button and follow the prompt.
  • On Amazon website , Search for product you want to sell. And then select the category that matches the product you want to sell
  • After you’ve find the product, Press “Sell yours here” button
  • Select item condition
  • Add a condition note , it means to add an extra info about your item condition.
  • Include product price and quantity, the number of product you have at hand.
  • Select shipping method and then tap “submit” link

How To Package and ship Ordered item

  • Move to your seller account
  • Click “view your recent Marketplace orders” tab in manage your order menu
  • Find the order
  • Verify to see if the status is complete
  • Go to order details And then verify the shipping method
  • Tap “view your recent orders” in the sellers account page
  • Select “print packaging slip” tab and then package and mail the product.
  • Confirm shipment  and wait for your payment.


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