How To Sell New Products On Amazon

Here is the big question that new or old sellers of Amazon big retail stores do ask. “How do I sell new products on Amazon”. But come to think of it, is it really a big deal? The answer is no! Getting to selling your new product or listed as one of Amazon seller is as simple as you take your daily shower.

However, if you are into a business, either small or big enterprise, and you’re rendering a good and unique product, Amazon will consider you in their platform.

Sell New Products On Amazon

Over the years, Amazon has been thriving hard in making a good business profit margin. They are one of the most strong retail stores, a third-party seller platform for business.

Amazon creates it’s seller a big platform for its sellers and their audiences that is customers. With its generous business management and distribution tools, it’s sellers are attaining a great height in their businesses. They also have Amazon Home Services using B2C services to connect with clients in your area right at the comfort of your couch. Also, sellers do not need to sell any material products to leverage Amazon Marketplace.

However, I know for sure new sellers that desire to grow their business are curious about how to go about it. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to sell your product on Amazon Marketplace.

Step-Guides on how to sell on Amazon

Numerous sellers at Amazon that are successful always ensure that they add popularly and well-known brand names as part of their products. They also carry out their businesses directly from their homes. Selling your items on the Amazon Marketplace is a very easy and stress-free process. All that us requires is how you choose to make your services count in the marketplace using Amazon services to meet what you need your business to be like.

Despite the size of your business, all new sellers at Amazon follow this unique steps;

Step 1: Get an Amazon Seller Account

To get an Amazon Seller Account, it is required of you to choose the seller category, there you submit your business information and see Amazon’s seller policies.

Get a Seller Category

The Amazon seller category belongs to either of the three. Amazon Individual Seller, Amazon Pro Seller, and Amazon Vendor.

You must know that some items on Amazon require approval before selling them and if it is approved, it’s only restricted to sellers with Pro accounts. These are products like software, laser pointers, etc. Amazon places banned on certain products, like prescription drugs, such is not allowed on the platform. However, before choosing which of the account to sign up for, ensure that you, take a look at the comprehensive list of products or items that need special approval for your approval to be activated.

Create your Amazon Seller Account

  • Get to Amazon Seller central at
  • Click on the sign in to your seller account
  • Scroll down and click on “sign up” button
  • Then enter Your Business Name, legal name and address of the business, contact information, location of products shipping from, bank account information, shipping options

Set up Your Seller Profile

At this page, your information will let your customers get to know you and your business, share your company philosophy and other vital information to help you get connected with your prospect’s clients.

Step 2: List Your Products

Now that you have completed your business and personal profile, set your product listing on Amazon Marketplace. Based on your category your products listed will fall into their category. Product on amazon always falls into two categories listed products on Amazon and new products which you are the first to sell on Amazon.

Step 3: Update Your Inventory after Listing

Managing your inventory is a thriving key for a successful venture while selling on Amazon. Once you upload your listings and get them live on Amazon Marketplace. Next, use the Seller Central website to set up all aspects of your selling account which means, update your inventory, check out new orders, monitor your performance metrics and many others on the site. All this can be done on your seller dashboard

Step 4: Fulfillment and Selling of Products

Listing your products on Amazon for sale is not the last thing to do. Managing your inventory seems to be one of the hardest parts to sell on Amazon. When a clip laces order, the next step is getting the product to the customer. Amazon delivers items via these two media:

  • Fulfillment by Merchants (FBM)
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Step 5: Receive Your Earnings

Selling on Amazon will attract fees that will deduct all applicable fees from your Sales after every two weeks. Your balance will be deposit into your bank account every two weeks, you will get a notification each time you received a new payment.

A quick cap on how to sell on Amazon successfully

  • Always check your Account for new orders every day
  • Confirm from the central portal when your client’s order has been shipped
  • Keep track of the amount of inventory in your stock daily.
  • Update pricing information or listings
  • Optimize your listings more often especially when writing your product descriptions and captions.
  • Prompt response to customers
  • Build a strong feedback rating at least up to a 5-Star rating.
  • Get to win the “Buy Box” on Amazon platform.
  • Try to understand the Amazon Platform and how it works. Follow the Amazon Seller Guide

In conclusion, selling products on Amazon will take a little from your earning, all that you need is to have full knowledge of how the platform and marketplace works. Build up good structure strategies to selling your products, Optimize listings, work base on the seller guidelines and promote your sales to ensure you have an amazing time selling on Amazon platform.


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