How To Sell Product On Amazon without UPC

Sell product on Amazon without UPC in few steps. Without the UPC bar-code individual can still make a product list on Amazon . However, to achieve this, you need “GTIN exemption” from Amazon. In this write up you will learn how to list products on Amazon without UPC code in few steps.

Sell product on amazon without UPC

How does selling on Amazon work ?

To start selling on Amazon, simply create a “seller account” then make your item listing, so that people who are interested can buy. However, you will receive notice to send the product, then deliver the product to the buyer and confirm shipment, finally you will receive your payment from Amazon after transaction fee has been removed

Eligibility to create Amazon Seller Account

  • Contact information
  • Business details
  • Details on your tax registration

How to Create a Seller account to sell on Amazon

  • On Amazon homepage, click on “your account” icon
  • Tap on “your seller account” widget From the menu
  • Hit on “start selling” button
  • Select the type of seller from the options, by hitting on “sell as an individual” or “sell as a professional” widget
  • Enter required info and then go to the next page to enter your selling details.
  • To verify your identity, key in your phone number and then click on “call me now” link
  • Press on “Register and continue”

How To Create a product Listing on Amazon without UPC

The best way to sell product on amazon without UPC is to register for GTIN exemption, below the directives below and get started.

Step 1: Navigate to GTIN exemption page

  • Visit “GTIN” exemption page at when you search for it on other Amazon Marketplace, you can browse for the “GTIN exemption” in the search box located in the seller central page.
  • Key in the request

Step 2:Download template-to sell on Amazon without UPC

  • Go ahead and download the template at
  • On the downloaded template, fill in the empty spaces, ensure you Key in the SKU for each product and have your product URL
  • After filling the template, go ahead and save it in your device.
  • ·       

Step 3: submit & wait for approval

  • On the GTIN exemption page, tap on the “search” tab to find the already “saved template”
  • Navigate and select the “submit” widget. Then wait for approval.
  • When it’s approved, you will get a notice
  • For approved exempting to be active, you have to wait for 24 hours.  During this period you won’t receive any notice.

Step 4: Add Product to category and sell without UPC

  • From the seller central, move to “Add new product” tab
  • Set your item category, make sure it tarries with the category you entered in the template.
  • Key in product details, the SKU, brand name
  • Add product images
  • Tap on “save and finish” widget
  • You can now sell on Amazon without UPC.


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