How To Start Selling Product On Amazon

Are you in search of How To Start Selling Product on Amazon as a beginner? In this article such a question will be answer cheaply, showing you how to go about your business on Amazon.

How To Start Selling Product on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers. list your products for sale on the Amazon Platform. These products listed on Amazon are displayed to millions of customers worldwide for some tokens fees.

Things To know before you start selling on Amazon

The exact amount of money that you require to begin selling on the Amazon platform depends on the source of your sourcing your products from. You can purchase inventory to sell on Amazon from a few means:

  • Wholesale supplier: You make purchases of products from a wholesale company and resell such items in Amazon.
  • Retail Stores: You purchase items from local or online retail stores and resell them on Amazon. This is a retail/online arbitrage.
  • Private Label Manufacturers: Here you modify and specially customize your own branded items to sell on Amazon

The Amount of Money you need to sell on Amazon

The Amazon platform has 5 basic costs for you to start selling on Amazon. The figures range base on the amount you’re willing to invest.

  • Buying initial inventory ($150)
  • Opening of an Amazon Account ($39.99)
  • Buying UPC Codes ($10)
  • Investing in Product Photography (Free – $295)
  • Creating a Logo and product Branding ($24)

The total Amazon Business Lean Startup Cost up to $224- $518.

Steps On How To Start Selling Product on Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon is the best option to fulfill your products. Here are some steps to start selling on Amazon FBA Works.

  • Search for a product that you want to start selling on Amazon
  • Get Seller and there, click on the “Register” button.
  • Then, set up your account in a few minutes.
  • Download the Amazon Seller App
  • List your products for sale on Amazon. Place the price of your product while listing such products.
  • Prepare the item to be shipped to be taken to fulfillment by AmazonWarehouse.
  • Box up such products and ship them to the warehouse that  Amazon has allocated.

However, you can box up all your products to the location that Amazon has assigned for you despite the quantities or numbers you are packing up for sales.

When A product arrives at Amazon warehouse what happens?

  • They verify that the product has been sent is accurate and in good condition
  • Amazon will them activate your listings, after verifying that your items are correct. This means that the seller name will appear on the applicable products detail page and the items will be available for sale.
  • The products will be stored in the Amazon warehouse until customers place an order for it
  • Amazon will deposit the share of the sale into your seller account as soon as your products are ship. Here is your share calculation: your share of the selling price minus Amazon fees. An email will be sent to you each time Amazon shipped an order for you.
  • After every 2 weeks, you will receive an alert in your bank from Amazon for each product that has been sold.

Additionally, all that you need to do is search for items that you can sell and get them to Amazon. Once, such products are ship to the Amazon warehouse, the rest of the process is strictly Amazon duty.

Factors to Listing Product on Amazon

  • Items Titles
  • Product Images (Amazon image requirements)
  • Key products Features
  • Amazon Listing Descriptions
  • Amazon item reviews
  • Product Rating


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