To Stop Unwanted email & Unsubscribe from emails means to exclude your email address from an organization mailing list, in other to stop receiving messages from them. You can stop receiving emails using different methods, either by using the unsubscribe link, unsubscribe service, unsubscribe email app and more 

Stop Unwanted or Spam Emails & Unsucribed

Stop Unwanted Email With Unsubscribe Link 

Clicking on the unsubscribe link is the easiest way to stop receiving messages from an organization, follow the steps below 

  • Tap on your “email app” 
  • Find and select the email you want to unsubscribe from 
  • Scroll down and tap on the “ unsubscribe” widget,  you will be taken to a fresh page that shows you have been unsubscribed 
  • If you are led to assert that you don’t need any other email from sender, simply click on “unsubscribe” link 

For Gmail 

  • Open the email you want to stop, you will find the “unsubscribe” button located at the top of the email message 
  • Click on the “unsubscribe” tab 
  • Select “unsubscribe” again to confirm you want to receiving emails messages from sender 
  • As soon as you are done Gmail automatically direct the message to spam folder 

How To Stop Unwanted Email by Marking it as Spam 

Some email providers block or stops every spam messages from appearing on you inbox once you mark email message as spam.  Take the steps below to continue with this method 

  • Go to your mailing list 
  • Click on the “email message” you want to mark as spam 
  • For Gmail users –  Click on “more” widget 
  • Select “report spam” button 
  • For Outlook 2019 –  Navigate to the homepage 
  • Click on “junk” tab 
  • Tap on “block sender” link 
  • For Outlook Online –  Pres on “junk” button 
  • Click on “block” widget 

Set-up a Filter to Remove Unwanted Email 

You can create a filter that will delete every incoming Unwanted emails, procedures below are steps on how you can create a filter in Gmail 

  • Go to the homepage and select the email you want to unsubscribe. 
  • Click on “more” link. 
  • Tap on “filter messages like this” widget. 
  • Scroll down and pres on “create filter wit this search” button 
  • Tick the “delete it” box and “ also apply filter to 1 matching conversation” box 
  • Click on the “create filter” link 

Unsubscriber Service 

This service hinders Unwanted emails from entering your inbox. It supports Outlook , Yahoo, most IMAP enabled mailbox such as AOL, COX, 

  • You need to sign up 
  • Unsubscribe folder will be automatically added to your inbox 
  • Drag the “Unwanted email” into the “unsubscribe folder” to block messages from senders 
  • The sender will receive a notification that you want to unsubscribe and all fresh emails will be directed to “unsubscribe folder” 

Reply With Unsubscribe to Stop Unwanted emails 

For organizations who do not use sophisticated email service providers, if you are prompted to reply to their email, simply type in “unsubscribe” as the subject, then forward it to them 

Unsubscribe Email App 

You can use one of the unsubscribe email app to exclude your email address from mailing lists 

Unroll.Me is one of the email app for iOS and Android device it offers free online subscription, how to use “Unroll.Me” app 

  • Login with your email account 
  • On your mailing list  Select the email you want to unsubscribe to 

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