How To Take a Screenshot On Your iPhone

Take a Screenshot On Your iPhone?  To screenshot means capturing important moment and someone’s words on your screen so that you can access it later. Taking a screenshot from your iPhone is outstanding for sharing moments from conversation on social media, your game scores and Ofcus your favorite videos.

take a screenshot on your iPhone

How To Screenshot On iPhone XS Max, XS, XR and X

How you capture a screenshot On your iPhone depends on your phone model, models like iPhone X, XS, XR and XS Max don’t have the home button unlike the older model.  Will be analyzing how you can take a screenshot with them without using a home bottom.

  • Locate the page you want to take a shot of and set it up the way it should be , it can be a text message
  • Press and hold on the “on/off” and the “volume up” buttons at the same time
  • The screen flashes light and you will hear the shutter sound from the camera, indicating that you’ve taken a screenshot

How To capture on earlier IPad and iPhone models

  • Open the screen or app you want to capture.
  • Hold on the home button and the on/off button together. For IPhone 6 series the on/off tab is at the side of the phone while for older iPad, iPhone and iPod it’s located at the top.
  • If you Press on the buttons appropriately, the screen will flash white, you will hear the camera sound if you enabled the camera sound

How To Take a Screenshot On iPhone With Assistive touch

Assistive touch is another way of taking a screenshot On your iPhones , iPod touches and iPads. So what you need is to turn Assistive touch on, and set it up so that you can capture screenshot with ease. Follow the steps below to enable Assistive touch

  • Go to your device settings
  • Click on “general” widget
  • Tap on “Accessibility” button
  • Navigate and select “Assistive touch” tab And then tap to enable it
  • Scroll down to “custom actions” section and then select the option you want to take a screenshot, by taping on “single-ply, Double-tap, long Press or 3D” you are to choose one from this option
  • Select “screenshot” from the list provided
  • So if you want to capture a screen, Open the page, and thentap on the “home button” according to the option you selected In the custom section above.

iPhone screen-photo location

After you have taken a shot of the screen you might want to share it and before you can share you have to find where it saved.

  • Open the photo app
  • Click on “album” icon to open album screen
  • Check for the screenshot among your photos. Alternatively you can Scroll down and Click on “screenshot” tab to access other screenshot you captured.

iPhone app for screenshot

  • Screenshot++
  • screenshot for safari
  • The screenshot frame maker


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