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How To Use AirDrop on iPhone or iPad/Mac?

AirDrop is a service that enables wireless sharing and receiving of files, photos, videos and lots more, between nearby Apple devices. It’s very easy and fast to use the Air Drop with minimum fuss, instead of sharing files through messages.


How does it Work?

 You create a “peer to peer” WIFI connection between the devices. while File sent are encrypted, both the sending and receiving devices creates a firewall around the connection using the Bluetooth.  AirDrop searches for a close by supported devices, to establish a perfect WIFI and for it to to transfer files over couple of rooms, the devices needs to be close enough. Not minding the fact that connecting using Bluetooth,makes it work, AirDrop Works very fast. As soon as you share a content, the receiver gets alert without delay, to accept the media content you sent.

AirDrop supported devices

Is supported on Macs with OS X Lion or latest version of OS X , it also supports, iPhone 5, iPad 4 and Mini. your iPod touch, IPad or iPhone must be upgraded to iOS 8 or later

How To Switch On AirDrop

You don’t know how to turn it on , you can do that in few seconds by locating the control panel.

  • Slide up from beneath of your device screen  for iPhone X swipe down from upper right corner. To access the control panel
  • if you have 3D touch, click on the “connectivity” tab, Tap on the “AirDrop” button.
  • When it displays the permissions, you can switch on, off
  • To receive from your contacts, click on “Contacts Only” widget
  • If you want to receive from everyone Select “everyone” button

How To AirDrop on iPhone or iPad

  • Navigate to open the app which contains what you want to share, for instance a photo app
  • Tap on the photo you want to transfer
  • Scroll down and Click the “share” icon
  • Click on “to share with AirDrop”
  • Locate the device you want to send your AirDrop
  • Tap on the circle next to the device you want to send photo or other document to

How To share with Mac

  • Open finder which is represented with “blue and white face”on your Mac
  • Click on “AirDrop” icon, then wait a little for the available devices to appear
  • Find and select the file or photo you want to share, you can use drag and drop method . Otherwise,
  • highlight the content you want to share, then right click on the items you highlighted
  • Select “share” widget
  • Choose “AirDrop” tab
  • When available device shows
  • Click on the “device” you want to share with
  • The recipient gets notification immediately, asking them to either accept the content or deny it, the ball is now in their court

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