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How To Use Apple Pay in stores/within apps and on web

Apple Pay allows you to make online, restaurants and in-store purchases with your  i devices. Will be showing you how you to use apple pay in-stores, on Web and within apps

Apple pay

How To Pay In Stores and other locations

You can achieve this by using iPhone with Face ID, Touch ID  and Apple watch

using iPhone with Face ID

  • For you to use your default Card , click on the side button twice
  • Look at your iPhone to verify with Face ID, or Key in your pass code
  • Hold your iPhone near reader and release you see a check mark signifying done

For iPhone with Touch ID

  • To Use you default Card, allow your finger to Press on touch ID
  • Hold on “near reader” until check mark appears on the screen

Using Apple watch

  • Double Tap on your watch side button
  • Hold Apple watch up and facing the reader
  • Wait until you feel a gentle tap on your wrist when it is successful

For People in US

you are to authenticate or verify with Face ID, touch ID or a pass code. If you are prompted to enter a PIN to complete your debit transaction you can Key in any four digit code

For individuals in mainland China

  • For iPhone with Touch ID, double tap the home button
  • You can place your finger on touch ID or type in your passcode, then hold your iPhone near the reader
  • For iPhone X and later, click on the side button twice, verify with Face ID, and hold your iPhone close to the reader

How To Pay with a different Card instead of your default Card

You can switch cards to make your payment , follow the procedure

Apple watch

  • Double tap the side button of your watch
  • If your default Card shows  you can swipe across your watch screen to select the card you want to use and hold your watch near the reader to make payment

iPhone X or Later

  • Double click the side button for your default card to show.
  • Click on the “default Card” and Navigate to select another card
  • Look at your iPhone to verify with Face ID, hold your iPhone near reader to make payment

IPhone 8 or earlier

  • Hold your device close to the reader as your default Card appear
  • Press on the “default card” and select a different card
  • You can now rest your finger on touch ID to pay

How To Use Apple Pay within Apps

  • Click on the “Apple Pay” button
  • Verify that your shipping, contacts and billing details are correct.  To pay with different Card, Select the “next” icon, close to your card
  • Confirm your payment, a check sign appears when your payment is successful

How To Use Apple Pay On The Web With iPhone/ iPad , Mac

Follow the steps below

To pay with iPhone or IPad

  • Press on the “Apple Pay” button
  • Cross check to make sure your details are accurate, to use a different card, click more “>” sign
  • After you are done, confirm your payment, if you see a check sign it means it is completed

Pay using Mac with Touch ID

  • Select “Apple Pay” tab
  • Verify your information to see if they are correct. you want to pay with a different Card, tap on the “Next” icon, close to default card and choose your preferred card
  • Click on “Apple Pay” icon to turn on the touch ID, and rest your finger on it and follow the directives

Pay With other Mac

  • make sure you have Apple watch or iPhone device for payment confirmation, and use the same Apple ID to sign in to these devices
  • Switch on your Mac Bluetooth
  • Click on “Apple Pay” widget
  • Read through and make sure your details are correct. if you  want to use a different card,  Press on the next link and select your preferred card
  • You can now make and confirm your payment

Places That Accepts Apple Pay

Here are some of retailers that receives Apple Payment method , office Depot, Lego, Jamba Juice, Whole foods, Aeropostale, foot locker, McDonald’s, Walgreen, paneraBread, Macy’s, staples, sephora andBi-Lo

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