Canva is a platform for creating beautiful design using the drag and drop features. It’s an app for iOS and Android devices. Nevertheless, users can create outstanding designs such a flyers, invitations, social media graphics etc. You need canvas templates to create design with ease.


Features Of Canva

  • Fonts –every design has its fonts and there are losts of fonts you can select from
  • Canvas provides you with many images in addition with different form of icons
  • There’s a photo editor embedded in canvas that enables you to select the best photo and also edit it to suit you

How To Create A New Canva design

  • You need to register for a free
  • After signing up, you login your account
  • The home page appears, where you will Select available design templates, Alternatively Locate the sea tool to browse for the template you want.
  • Once you see the template you want, simply click on it to select it

How To Use Canva Photos

Whenyouhaveselectedyourdesiredtemplatethen it’s time to include photo, follow the steps below

  • Go to toolbar located at the left corner, then Click on “Photo” tab. The image library appears on the screen
  • Move to the search tool and browse for a particular image
  • After you’ve found your desired image, then you can now stage and drop it into your design.
  • On this platform you can usethe editing features to resize image, change the way it appears etc. Simply click on the “toolbar” widget at the top of the screen
  • After placing your picture where it should be you can add more images or include other elements to it

How To Use The Headings and Text

You need to include a heading or text on your design. You can use the drag and drop features to add headings and also body text .  Follow the directives below

  • Locate the “toolbar” tab, then tap on “Text” widget
  • All text options appears on the screen. Navigate and select the option you want to use and drag and drop it on your design
  • If you want to change the text, double tap on the text and then enter the text you like
  • If you want to change the fonts of the text, color spacing, select the fonts you want at the toolbar menu at the top of the screen

How To Add Flair to Your Design With Elements

Examples of Canvaelement you can include on your designs are, Lines, frames, icons, charts, Gradients, Grideand lots more. Follow the examples displayed below to perform this act

  • If you like to use a shape, simply drag and drop the shape element you selected to your design
  • To change the position of the Shape, click on “Position” widget, then from the list of position displayed on the screen, choose the one you like.

How To share your  Design

  • To share your design, Press on “share” widget
  • Key in the email address of the person you are sending the design to.  You can permit them to effect changes or to view only

How To Download Canva design

  • Click on the “download” icon located at the toolbar
  • Move and select your file type
  • If you used premium images for your design, it means you will pay for it, to be able to download.  If So Tap on “Pay and download” widget to pay.

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