Formula bar is a toolbar located at the top of MS Excel and Google spreadsheets with the function of entering fresh formula or copying a formula, and also to view and edit formulas.

Formula bar

Things Formula bar Shows

  • You will see the text or number data from the active cell
  • The formulas in the active cell
  • Then you will see the cells range that stands for data series

Editing Features Of Formulas Charts And Data

Data and formulas in the current cell can be edited by the formula bar.  To perform this act, Navigate and tap on the data to edit

To Expand the Excel formula bar

  • Move the your cursor at beneath the formula bar till it changes to a vertical, two headed arrow
  • Hold on the left mouse, and then pull down in other expand
  • If you don’t want to use to method above, you can usedo that with the shortcut, simply hold on Ctrl+Shift+Ukeys. To undo, repeat the step you took in this shortcut

How To wrap Data on multiple lines

For you to wrap long formula, it’s needs to be done unto multiple lines.

  • Still on the formula bar, Press and place your insertion point
  • Click on Alt+Enterkeys, then the data will shift to the next line, go again with this process to wrap it on multiple lines.

How To Show Or Hide the formula bar in Excel /Google Sheets

  • For Microsoft Excel, tap on the “View” widget of the ribbon. For Google Sheets, click on the “view” option.
  • You can check or uncheck the “formula bar” menu,In excel. while In Google Sheets if the formula bar option is checked, it shows its visible but if it doesn’t it means it’s hidden. So to remove or add a check mark simply click on the “formula bar”, then it displays based on the options you chose

How To Stop Formulas from showing

There is feature in excel worksheet protection that makes the formula not to show  with this function people cannot edit the data in a shared spreadsheet.

Hide the cells that contain the formulas

  • Choose the range of cells containing the data you want to hide
  • Go to the ribbon “home” tab, then press on the “format” tab
  • From the pop up menu, select “format cells” widget.
  • A dialog box displays, Navigate and tap on the “protection” button
  • Move and choose the “Hidden” check box
  • Tap on the “OK” tab

To enable the worksheet protection

  • Still on the “ribbon homepage” then select the “format” button
  • Move down and press on the “protect sheet” widget
  • Here you can “check or uncheck” the options you want and then click on “OK” button

Excel Formula Bar Icons

In Excel formula bar there are icons you find there, such as FX, X and ✔. Below are their functions

  • The “FX” : this icon enable shortcut in entering data in the active cell. So the fx represent a shortcut
  • When you see the “X” sign, just know that it’s for canceling edits or data in the current cell. Therefore X stands for cancelation.
  • The ✔ sign : it’s use for completing data input or editing

How To Edit Formula using the shortcut keys

If you want to edit data in Google Sheets and excel with a shortcut Key on your keyboard,  simply Locate the “F2”. The “f2” is the shortcut Key for editing.

How To Disable editing in cells for Excel

  • Tap on the “file” button
  • Click the “options” menu
  • Move to the left pane and select“Advanced” widget
  • Uncheck “Allow editing directly in cell”. Then tap on the “OK” button

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