How to Use Google Maps Offline on Android | How to save battery and mobile data

How to use Google Maps offline on Android devices. All you need is to download areas and then proceed with other amazing activities offline. Users may want to switch to offline mode to save data or maybe due to a poor Internet network. Google Maps lets you download the areas and save it on your mobile device.

How to use google maps offline on android
How to Use Google Maps Offline on Android | How to save battery and mobile data

How to Use Google Maps Offline on Android

The first step goes for downloading a  map, to save it on your device or memory card.

  • Download a map
  • Save offline maps on SD card
  • Save battery and mobile data

 Read the section below for details.

How to Download a map

  • Open to Android device, go to Google Maps
  • Connect to an Internet
  • Sign in
  • Search for a place you want to download its map
  • Go to the bottom of the page, click on the address or name of the place
  • Select download. If you search for places like restaurants, you will new to tap on the “More” icon, select download offline map and finally download.

How to Save Offline Maps on SD Card

When you download a map it will automatically save on your device internal storage but if you want to move it to your memory card, here is what to do.

Ensure theirs is an SD card on your device

Launch the maps app.

Click the account icon at the top

Select offline maps button

Navigate to the right top corner of the screen and click on the settings icon

Scroll down to beneath the “storage preferences” and Press on device widget

Choose “SD card” button.

How to Save battery and mobile data

On the account tab, from the Google maps page, click on the settings widget. It looks like a gear.

Go to Wi-Fi only and enable it. This will enable you use maps offline and still other applications with your mobile data.

Make use of Google offline maps on Android

After downloading the areas, you can start using your maps the normal you used it, such as getting directions and see routes, Making use of the navigation and also search for locations.

With this, you don’t need to bother yourself when you have poor Internet connections or when you don’t have enough data.

Take note of the following ; if you are using G maps offline you can only get driving directions but not walking, transit or bicycling directions

Even as you get driving directions, there won’t be any traffic information, Lane guidance or alternate routes.

Manage your google Offline maps on android

Users can see the list of their offline maps by clicking on offline maps in the account field from the Google maps app.

You can also delete maps you saved offline by using the delete button in the offline maps from the account circle.


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