How To Use Kakao Talk | what is KakaoTalk –Free Calls &Text | Kakao features

How To use Kakao Talk is a free mobile app use for instant messaging, featuring free calls and text messages.  Users can send text messages and call their Ka Talk friends for free.

How To Use Kakao Talk


what is Kakao Talk – free calls &Text

The Ka Talk is a fast and Multipart text message and calls app. It is operated by kakao corporation.  Thus this application was launched in the year2010, it is also made available on Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows, macOS and many more.

Ka Talk has over 150 million users across the globe.  It is a very fast and easy means of communicating with your loved ones. The app makes use of internet connection like WIFI, 3G or Edge for messaging and calls.

However, users can share their location and also see who reads their messaging, with the Talk app you can do multiple tasks while making free calls. Users can set a reminder to enable them to get notifications.

Features of kakao

  • It is very fast and reliable as long as messaging and calls are involved.
  • Offers free chat platform and can be used for multimedia purposes.
  • It has a quality voice call system.
  • Ka Talk has the Emoticons feature you can also get more stickers from the store, to spice up your chat.
  • The group chat feature enables you to chat and interact with a good number of people in Ka Talk. Team members of any organization can use this platform to discuss and communicate vital information to other members.
  • Voicefilter – this app has a Talking Tom and Bens voice filter lets you filter or filters your voice during voice calls.

How To use Kakao Talk

The basic features of this app outlined above will give you a clue on what you can do within the app.  Read the steps below to know how to start using the app.

Step 1 – How To Use kakao Talk

The main thing to do is to get the app either from the app or play store depending on your phone type. Thus after downloading the application.

Step 2 –  sign up

progress to the account registration center and register for an account.  It requires your phone number and after that, a code will be sent to you right away, for phone number verification. Then Key in your name and complete the task. When you are through with registration your friends on Ka Talk will show on the screen

Step 3 –  Add Friends

Add friends button to start adding friends.  You can decide to add friends automatically or sync your contact to find friends from there.

Step 4 – set up your profile

To set your profile connotes adding your profile pic, and changing status.

Step 5- How To use kakao Talk

 After setting up your profile, you can now start catching fun with your family and friends, by clicking on the chat tab


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