How to use PayPal Credit on Amazon – How to Buy on Amazon Using PayPal Credit | How to use PayPal on Amazon

How to use PayPal credit on Amazon? PayPal is one of the best secure online payment methods. It allows members to shop for items across the globe without stress. However, it’s outstanding security and payment features make it great for people to adopt, currently, a good number of people has a PayPal account. Despite its amazing features, if you want to make purchases at Amazon, you will find out that it does not accept PayPal as a payment method. Knowing Amazon as a large online marketplace and PayPal as a popular payment method, these platforms have thousands of users worldwide, that is why shopping on Amazon with PayPal credit will be of great use.

How to use PayPal Credit on Amazon

Seeing that PayPal credit is not accepted on Amazon, the question here is “how to use PayPal credit on Amazon? Do you want to find out how? Make sure you read this article to the end.

How to use PayPal Credit on Amazon

Not minding the fact that PayPal does not have PayPal credit as one of its payment methods, there’s a possible way you can adopt to be able to use your PayPal credit during shopping on Amazon. This way is no other than buying gift cards. With Amazon gift cards you can purchase with your PayPal credit on amazon. There are lots of websites where you can purchase these gift cards.

Buy Gift Cards With PayPal Credit

In as much as you can’t directly shop at amazon using papal credit, with amazon gift cards you can achieve the same result. All you need is to visit websites that sell this gift card and purchase it using your PayPal credit. The websites are as follows, Bundle, Newegg, eBay,


Dundle is an online platform that offers all manner of gift cards including Amazon gift cards. It lets you buy gift cards for all stores irrespective of your currency. The gift cards are available for denominations prices depending on the provider. So to get this gift cards for your online shopping visit

From the Dundle homepage select “amazon gift cards” icon .then scroll through the available gift cards, select the one you want by clicking in the “order” button next to it.


Newegg is another site that offers varieties of gift cards. On this platform you can buy both amazon, eBay, Xbox live, PlayStation gift cards, using diverse accepted payment methods including PayPal.

Visit  move down, find the gift card and make your order.


eBay is a popular online marketplace where you can shop all manner of items including, electronics, fashion,  gift cards. To make your purchases kindly visit  on eBay search for amazon gift cards, order for it and use your PayPal credit to pay.


Walmart is one of the biggest online stores that offer varieties of items.  Visit to make your purchases. To buy gift cards search for amazon gift cards and order. With this card, you can now shop on amazon and pay using your PayPal credit.

Apply for PayPal Cash Card

Apply for PayPal prepaid.  The prepaid MasterCard is the card that you will use to load your PayPal money onto.  The prepaid card is accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted. That is to say, with this MasterCards you can go ahead, shop on amazon, after selecting the items you want. On the checkout page select the MasterCard as the payment option and provide every detail attached to it. This PayPal credit can also be used at other online stores.

Apply for PayPal Debit MasterCard

Follow the following steps correctly to get the PayPal debit card. But before that, if you are not a PayPal member you won’t get this card. So visit paypal main page to register.

  • On your web browser search for
  • Select the gift card link from the menu.
  • Select or enter a price. After that, hit on buy for me tab.  Check the box and click on continue.
  • Navigate to log into your PayPal account. On your account, tap on Wallet and choose a payment method
  • Click on the pay now to begin the transaction.

Check your email box, you will receive an email with the gift card verification code. Go to your Amazon account, tap on the gift card widget. Then click on the redeem gift card button. Input the verification code sent to your email. Lastly, tap on Apply to your balance button. By clicking on the “apply to your balance” button, whenever you make purchases at Amazon, it will withdraw the money from your gift card balance.

The content of this article shows the possible ways to use PayPal credit on amazon, which includes PayPal cash card, debit card and amazon gift cards. So you can go for any of the above methods to shop and for items successfully.


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