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Hulu App download | Hulu Sign Up | Hulu sign in

Hulu App download platform enables you to get the Hulu app on your device. So to be able to watch videos, shows, and movies on your mobile phone, visit the app or play store on your phone.

Hulu App Download

About Hulu

Hulu is an online video streaming site situated in the US. Thus it was founded by a company known as Comcast and Walter Disney.  Watch or view live TV channels, news, sports and shows over the internet. It comes with different plans, each plan has a particular channel and price attached to it. you have the opportunity to choose the plan you want or the one you can afford to subscribe to.

However, the company ensures that users can stream both old and new TV videos or shows and it’s original content over documentaries. Thus it also offers tiers on subscription to customize users watching experience and there’s no hidden fee, equip rentals or installation appointments that have to do with having Hulu subscription.

Hulu App download

To download the Hulu app on your device it’s very simple, just Proceed to the app market on your phone to download.  For Android, Navigate to the google play store while the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Move to the search bar and fill in “Hulu” then, Click on the install or download widget to download the app.

Hulu Sign up

To register or sign up for an account on Hulu, kindly open the app you installed and then go to the sign-up or register field and complete the registration process.

Hulu Sign in

  • Visit Hulu app on your device or go to
  • To sign in using your email tap on the “log in” button. If the login field shows, just Key in your email and password and then login. When you do this forget about the step below.
  • On the new page, full-up your email address in the email box and then password in the password box.
  • Go down to the “log in” box to get to your account.

How To sign in to Hulu app using Facebook

With your Fb account, you can use it to get to your account at Hulu. Take the simple steps provided below to login with Facebook account.

  • Open the app and head to the login section
  • Click on the “log in with Facebook” link and neglect the email and password fields.
  • If you’ve logged in to Facebook using the device you want to use to get to Hulu. Click on continue button.

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