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Hulu App | Hulu download | Hulu TV Plan| Hulu plan cost

Hulu App is an application that enables you to stream your favorite TV shows and movies online. simply locate the google play store or apple apps store to install the app.

Hulu App

About Hulu TV

Hulu TV is an online streaming website basedinUSAand founded by Comcast and Walter Disney company. Members can Stream live channels, news, sports and shows across the Internet with a Compactible mobile device. This website comes with different plans, each plan has a particular channel and price associated with it.  It’snow left for users to decide on the plans they want or the one they can afford.

Thus, the company aims at streaming new TV videos or shows and it’s original over documentaries. And it also provides tiers on subscription to customize users’ watching experience. 

Hulu App download

To install Hulu on your device it’s very easy, all you need to do is to navigate to the app market store. For Android phones visit the play store while iOS device users should locate the Apple App Store. On the app market, scroll to the search field and input the name “Hulu”

Tap on the install or download tab to get the app on your phone.

Hulu Sign Up

After downloading the Hulu app on your device. Tap on the app to open it and then go to the sign-up or registration field to register for an account.

Hulu App Channels

It comes with more than 65 channels, which are as follows

  • News Live, A&E,
  • ABC, Animal planet,
  • Boomerang
  • Bravo
  • BTN
  • CBSN,
  • CW,
  • cheddar
  • CNN International,
  • , Cozi TV, Discovery,
  • Disney
  • Discovery
  • ESPN, FOX, FX and lots more.

Hulu Plans

to learn about the various Hulu tv plans, Hulu offers, You’re at the right section, just go through the plans detailed beneath.

Hulu – the “Hulu” plan comes withs ads without a live TV service. However, it is regarded as the cheapest and the most affordable plan anyone can get. To watch network videos, you must wait for up to 24 hours after air date.

Hulu “no ads” – these plans differ a little from the plan above, the difference is that most videos don’t come with ads. it is simply an updated version of the above plan.

The Hulu +Live TV –  this plan operates like that of a cable, with about 65 channels. it is the highest plan and of course the costliest.

Hulu Plans cost

You pay for Hulu TV depending on the packages or plans you want.  Just like the plans mentioned above, they have different prices, the one with the highest channels has the highest price. So it is left for you to decide what you want.

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