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Hulu TV is a US-based online streaming website.  Stream live TV channels, news, sports and shows online. Thus Hulu comes with different plans, each plan has specific channels and price attached to it. So it is left for you to choose the one that suits you or the one you can afford to subscribe to.

Hulu TV

What is Hulu?

Hulu is one of the leading streaming TV in the USA. It was founded by Comcast and Walter Disney company. However, the organization aims at streaming new TV shows or movies and it’s original content over documentaries or movies and also offers tiers on subscription to customize users viewing experience.

Thus, there’s no hidden fee, equip rentals or installation appointments that have to do with having Hulu subscription. With this online streaming website, you can watch shows and movies wherever you are using your favorite streaming device.

Moreover, customers can download up to 25 shows/movies over 5 different streaming devices and then view the downloaded content within 30 days. this feature is specifically designed for customers with the “Hulu’s ad-free plans

Hulu TV Channels

It comes with more than 65 channels, which are as follows ABC news live, A&E, ABC, Animal Planet, Boomerang, BTN, Bravo, CBSN, CBS, CNBC, CW, CNN International, Cheddar, CoziTV, Discovery, Disney, ESPN, FOX, FX and lots more.

Local channels

These are channels you can view in all the TV plans. So these local channels are local channels which are, FOX News, ABC, NBC, CNN, FX, MSN, CBS, and Food network.

Hulu Plans

Do u want to know about the plans, Hulu offers?  You’re at the right place, just read below as I table down the three plans.

Hulu– this particular plan has ads without live TV.  Thus it is regarded as the cheapest or most affordable plan. To view any network shows, users must wait for up to 24 hours after air date.

Hulu “no ads” –  it’s an updated version of the above plan.  The difference is that there are no ads on most shows.

Hulu +Live TV –  this is the highest plan, it works like that of a cable, with one 65 channels.

How much is Hulu TV a month? 

You pay for Hulu TV depending on the packages or plans you want.  Just like the plans mentioned above, they have different prices, the one with the highest channels has the highest price. So it is left for you to decide on what you want.


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