I Forgot Apple ID Password / How do I Reset It?

Apple ID Password can be reset when you can no longer sign in to your account, maybe you have forgotten the password .Therefore by resetting your password You can gain quick access to your account. With Your Apple ID you perform most task on your Apple devices for instance, you access the iTunes store, iCloud, Apps store etc with your Apple ID, So it’s necessary You reset your password.

Apple ID Password

How do I Reset Apple ID Password?  

You can reset your password depending on the type of security you chose for your Apple ID. It could be one of these Security process below

  • Two-factorauthentication
  • Email password and security
  • Two-step verification

Reset password with Two-factor authentication on iPhone, iPod touch/iPad

  • Ensure your device is running iOS 10 or later
  • Move to your device settings
  • Click on your “name”
  • Select “Password & Security” button
  • Press on “Change Password” tab and then follow the onscreen instructions.  For iOS 10.2 or older,  Press on “iCloud” icon, then select your name, click on “password & Security” widget, tap on “change password” then Navigate and take the onscreen procedure.

Reset with Two-factor authentication on Mac

  • Navigate to Apple menu
  • Select “system Preferences” widget
  • Click on “iCloud” button
  • Select account details
  • If it prompts you to Key in your Apple ID Password, tap on “forgot Apple ID or password” tab and then follow the instructions

Reset Using Another Person’s Apple device

This option is applicable when you cannot access any of your device.  So all you need is to get your friend or relative iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

  • Launch Find My iPhone app
  • A sign in page will display, if user Apple ID shows, erase it. Just make sure field has no ID in it.
  • Click on “forgot Apple ID or password” widget and then follow the onscreen instructions.  If you cannot view the sign in page, simply logout of the account

Reset Using email, password and security Questions

  • Move to your Apple ID account screen and then tap “forgot Apple ID or password” button
  • Key in your Apple ID.
  • Choose option you want to use to reset your password and then Press on “continue” link.
  • From here you select how you want to reset your password. If you want to answer Security question Click on “answer Security questions” tab. To reset with email, choose “Get an email” button

How To Reset Apple ID Password with Two-step verification

  • Go to your Apple ID account screen
  • Navigate and click on “Forgot Apple or password” button .  When you are asked to confirm phone number, you can use the Two-factor authentication steps above
  • Type in your “Apple ID”
  • Choose preferred option to reset your password, when you are done, click on the “continue” widget
  • Key in your recovery Key and then select “continue” tab
  • Select the device you want to send verification code to
  • Then enter the verification code
  • To Change The password, Tap on “reset password” button.  When you have completed the process you will be prompted to sign in again with the password you just created.


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