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Ibotta Review – Ibotta App | Ibotta Referral Code

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Ibotta Review?  In this article, you get the full details of the Ibotta cashback app, how it works and also how to use it and make money. Thus, without living the analysis of the referral code behind.

ibotta review
ibotta review

Ibotta Review – About Ibotta

Ibotta is a mobile technology company located in Denver, Colorado, United States. It offers cash back when users make purchases online and in-store and also made their payments using “pay with Ibotta”

How Does Ibotta works – Ibotta review

Users earn Cash both at in-store and online purchases. Once you purchase an item with pay with Ibotta you will receive a cashback in your Ibotta account. Thus you can allow the money to build up in your account until the day you want to withdraw it. However, to take your cash out of the account, you can do that with venom/ PayPal or use it for gift cards.

Ibotta How to Use

To start using Ibotta both for online and in-store shopping, you must create or register for the account

For in-store shopping

Sign up for an Account- Navigate to www.home.ibotta.com Scroll to the top of the page and select the “sign up” tab. Then choose the channel you want to use to register for the account, it could be through Facebook or email. And follow the onscreen instructions.

Find Offers or Retailers – after registering, the next thing is to find the product you want to buy. So, to do that, tap on the icon that has the “find rebates” tab beneath. In case you have a particular store in mind, you can enter its name on the search tool

Add the Offer –your grocery list is where to include the product you want. However, most items might want you to watch a video before adding it to the list.

Go for Shopping and Redeem Offer – Get your receipt after purchasing the item, take a picture of it to upload with the scanned product barcode.

Online Purchases

To shop with your mobile, you will need to take a similar task as that of the in-store purchases.

  • Create an Ibotta account. Follow the first step above to register.
  • Download the Ibotta app from your app store/play store
  • Laugh the app
  • Find stores
  • Look for the product or item you want to purchase
  • add the item to your account, before you do that, you might be prompted to perform a task to unlock the offer/item
  • Begin to shop. The retailer will get notice of your purchase, that is to say, you will not be needing any receipt.

How does Ibotta Make Money?

It’s very important to know how Ibotta makes money, this will serve as a conviction, for you to know that it’s Cashback it’s for real and not scam. So I will show you how to make money with Ibotta.

There are different ways you can earn cash on this platform such as inviting friends with referral code to join and redeem the offer and by making purchases. Below, you will understand exactly how Ibotta makes money.

Ibotta Referral Code

The referral code is a unique code given to Ibottausers, to enable them to share and invite people.

Invite friends with referral code

Users can invite friends through Facebook and other social networks. The person you are inviting must register using the referral link, download the Ibotta app and finally, redeem offer. So when the person does these, you will get your referral cash reward.

The commission Ibotta gets from the store you purchased from, they will give you a share from it, do you know why?  Because you take part in promoting that business. However, Ibotta also earns money from the video advert that plays before unlocking an offer. Just as explained in the “how to use” section of this article.

Conclusively on Ibotta review

Ibotta is one of the best companies when it deals with cashback. The company introduced its app to make it easy for users. Sign-up is very fast on the app. Register now and start earning cash and save rewards as well.

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