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iFunny is an Internet comic website and mobile phone app. It features individuals submitted media files in an image, a video and animated GIFs form. Thus the site centers on circulating and to make different kinds of internet memes popular.


About iFunny

The service was introduced on Apple App Store, for the iOS devices on 26th April 2011. With the objective of sharing and finding humorous GIFs, videos and pictures.

The twitted feed was created and within 5 years it has over 38,000 followers. The site iFunny.co was introduced in 2013 while the Facebook page was created in 2014 with more than 176,000 likes in three years.

Finally, October 2014 came with the release of the iFunny app for Android in the google play store.

However, the app operates in diverse and different communities. Thus GIFs, photos and videos can be uploaded on the app and also be made in an inbuilt meme creator. It allows you to subscribe to a particular funny feed and then search for posts using tags.

Fresh Memes, GIFs and cat videos

To find quality and interesting iFunny memes, GIFs, and videos, the following are the best place for it. It includes the Internet, gaming, Art &Creative, politics, Anime&creative, Science & Technology, TV shows, sports, celebrities and many more.

How does iFunny work

It works in a very simple way, all you need to do is to click on the arrow icon to scroll through the frame and see diverse photos posted. As you go through the jokes and comments, to like or dislike it tap on the thumbs up or down button.

So to share jokes on the social platform select the share tab.

Users can also allow the app to access their photo albums to upload and then use the app studio portion to add fresh, poster, meme or rage comic.

iFunny Memes

To get the best memes, you need to go to iFunny official site at www.ifunny.cowith this you can get amazing memes to enjoy and also share with others on social media.

But to start enjoying the platform, you must sign up for an account if you’ve not done so.

How To Sign up

To Create an account with iFunny do the following

  • Visit www.ifunny.co
  • Scroll to the login tab and select it
  • On the login platform, tap on the “sign up” widget input the following, your username, email address, password and confirm password
  • Accept the service terms and privacy policy
  • Check the next box to agree to get text and emails about their products and services. Then sign-up.


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