iFunny Login – iFunny Login Steps | iFunny password Reset in few steps

iFunny Login leads every iFunny User to their account. Get amazing memes, videos, and GIFs,and then sit down for a good bunch of laughs on the iFunny website. Simply sign up for an account and then log in to iFunny.

iFunny Login
iFunny Login

What is iFunny?

iFunny is an online humor site and mobile application. The app presents people’s submitted media files in the form of an image, a video, and animated GIFs. Thus the website ensures adequate circulating and popularizing all manner kinds of internet memes.

It was made available for the iOS devices in the App Store, on the 26thday of April, 2011. With the aim of distributing and finding comicGIFs, videos, and pictures. Furthermore, in October, 2014iFunny app for Android was released.

The application runs in diverse and varieties of different communities. Thus images, GIFs and videos can be posted to the app and also be designed in an inbuilt meme creator. Members are allowed to subscribe to a specific joke feeds and then browse for posts using tags.

iFunny Login Steps

Access your iFunny account and get amazing funny images, videos and GIFs. Follow the directives to log into your account

  • Move to their official website at www.ifunny.co
  • On the website home page
  • Select the “log in” button at the top of the screen
  • Key in your corresponding email and password.
  • Click on the “Enter” tab

How To Login With Facebook

  • When you go to the official site at iFunny.co
  • Tap on log in
  • Scroll down and tap on “more” to view other log in options.
  • From the options select the Facebook icon
  • Tap on continue to let iFunny, get your name, profile pic and email.

iFunny Login With Twitter/google

You want to login to iFunny using your twitter or google account?  Follow these few steps

Progress to https://ifunny.co

Press on the log in link at the screen top

On the new page, go to the screen bottom and the click on “more” tab

To Login, choose twitter or google tab and follow the prompt.

iFunny Password Reset in few steps

If you don’t have access to your password or you want to change it to a new one, follow these procedures to reset it.

Proceed to iFunny Login page

Press on “ forgot password” widget, at the right side under the password field.

Key in your email

Go down and Click on the “reset” link. Follow the instructions to reset your password.


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