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Instagram Dark Mode on Android | How to turn on Dark Mode on Instagram Android

Instagram Dark Mode on Android is excellent in power conservation. It makes it easy for the eye especially at night, the contrast makes the text easy to read. This feature is just good for users. In this article today I will be discussing on Instagram Dark Mode on Android device and also on iOS 13 device. This will enable users to activate the beautiful feature.

Instagram Dark Mode on Android

Instagram Dark Mode

Smartphone developers have been updating their apps with a new theme and beautiful color in recent months. Instagram is not left out. To enable dark Mode for Instagram is not just that easy. And this feature is not yet available for all devices. The head of Instagram tweeted that, you need to be running the latest version of the mobile operating system for Android 10 or iOS 13 to enjoy this feature.

The Instagram Dark Mode for Andriod is compatible with devices that have the latest operating system. The color will change automatically when the system-wide dark mode is activated. You cannot activate the dark Mode directly on the Instagram app but soonest they will be an update.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Instagram

To Activate the Instagram Dark Mode is not just hard but very easy. To enable this feature, it will require you going to the main app phone setting. Use these steps to activate the dark mode on Instagram on your Android

Instagram Dark Mode for Android 8 or 10

To enable Instagram’s dark mode feature for Android devices. Follow these steps:

  • In your Android phone devices
  • Go to your phone settings.
  • There are options, from the options click on the ‘Display’
  • Next, click on the  “Dark” by moving to the toggle switch
  • The app will immediately turn to launch the dark mode adjusting the light from your app.

Dark Mode for iPhone (iOS 13)

For all iOS users here are a few steps to enable the dark mode on your phone devices.

  • From your iOS phone, get to your phone settings
  • You will find options with three lines on the page
  • There you choose ‘Display and Brightness’button
  • Next, click on the ‘Dark‘ Option
  • This will turn your Instagram app into dark mode automatically.

The dark Mode launches itself when you set it up. This will affect all your app on your phone. This happens because the settings are from the phone setting. Although, some social media app has a dark mode as part of its features. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook Messenger have these features. This makes the app easy to use especially at night.

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