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Instagram TV App |what is IGTV | How to download IGTV app

Instagram TV App.  IGTV now supports landscape videos in a vertical format. It enables you to post long videos on the Instagram platform. However, Instagram TV is far more different from your video experience. With this service, you will be able to view more of your favorite content.

Instagram TV App

Instagram TV App

The app allows you to install and login with your Instagram account, to enable you to start watching videos. You can view videos from creators you already follow and others you may like. On the platform, users can search for videos or search for a particular creator’s channel as you watch. Another feature of the IGTV is that you can like or comment on any video you watched and also share videos with your friends and family. However, the most interesting part is that you can discover creators and follow them to get to know them more.

What is IGTV?

IGT is simply short for Instagram TV. it is a video platform that lets you upload quality, vertical, long-form videos on Instagram. On this platform, users can create channels where they can post videos that can be viewed for a long time unlike the usual short stories or videos users upload that is short. Thus this is really an amazing place for Instagram users, they get to upload long videos on Instagram feed. To start accessing the IGTV platform you need to get the Instagram app, read the next section and learn how to get the application.

IGTV app download for Android

To get the IGTV app on your Android mobile device, this is what to do.

  • Get yourAndroid mobile device
  • From your device menu, click on the google play app to access the homepage.
  • Rightgoogle play homepage, Locate the search box.
  • Key in “IGTV” in the box and search.
  • It will display the app on the fresh page
  • click on the app
  • tap on the install tab to download it. After installing the IGTV app, launch the app Sign you are good to go.

How To Download Instagram TV App on iOS

Enjoy IGTV on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Follow these steps to download the application on your device.

  • Get your iOS device 
  • Click to launch the Apple App Store.
  • Scroll up to the search tool and search for the app.
  • Click on the Get tab to install the application.

You can now proceed to sign in or sign up for an account, but if you’ve signed into your normal Instagram already, then you don’t have any no need to sign up, it will lead you straight to the home screen.

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