Interpol Internships 2024 in France (up to €550 monthly stipends) – Apply Now!

Are you a recent graduate or nearing the completion of your studies, eager to broaden your horizons and gain invaluable international experience? If so, the Interpol Internship Program in France is for you.  As the world’s largest international police organization, Interpol plays a key role in facilitating global police cooperation and crime control.

Interpol Internships

Interpol, short for the International Criminal Police Organization, has a rich history that dates back to 1923. With its headquarters located in the scenic city of Lyon, France, Interpol facilitates collaboration among law enforcement agencies worldwide. Its mission is to assist law enforcement authorities across borders in combating transnational crime, including terrorism, cybercrime, human trafficking, and more.

The Interpol Internships

The Interpol Internship Program offers a unique opportunity for individuals passionate about law enforcement, security, and international relations to gain hands-on experience within a dynamic and diverse organization.

Interns have the chance to work alongside seasoned professionals in both policing and support services, contributing to meaningful projects and initiatives that have a global impact.

Eligibility Requirements for Interpol Internships

To be eligible for an Interpol internship, candidates must meet the requirements below:

  • Enrolled in or graduated from a post-secondary accredited academic institution within the past year
  • National of one of Interpol’s 195 member countries
  • Prospective Candidates must meet the Legal age in their country of nationality
  • Candidates must be Fluent in English
  • Meet specific requirements outlined for each internship opening
  • Duration and Confidentiality: The duration of an internship varies based on the needs of the hiring service, ranging from six to eleven months. Interns are expected to maintain strict confidentiality regarding any unpublished information obtained during their internship.

Benefits of the Interpol Internship Programme:

  • Monthly Allowance: Interns selected for the program receive a monthly allowance of €550 Euros, providing financial support during their tenure at Interpol. This allowance is prorated based on the number of days worked.
  • Professional Development: Participating in the Interpol Internship Program offers more than just financial compensation. Interns have the opportunity to hone their skills, expand their knowledge, and develop a deep understanding of international police cooperation and crime prevention strategies. Whether working in policing services or support functions such as communications, strategic planning, or human resources, interns gain practical insights that will serve them well in their future careers.
  • Networking Opportunities: Interning at Interpol opens doors to a vast network of law enforcement professionals, policymakers, and experts from around the globe. Through collaborations, mentorship, and networking events, interns can forge valuable connections that may shape their professional trajectory and open doors to future opportunities in the field of criminal justice and international relations.

How to Apply

Applying for an Interpol internship is simple, kindly follow the guide below:

  • Keep an eye out for specific internship vacancies posted on Interpol’s website or other relevant platforms.
  • Submit your application through the online Talentlink platform, ensuring all required documents and information are provided.
  • Write a cover letter that highlights your motivation, qualifications, and expectations for the internship opportunity.

Official website:

Deadline: Not specified

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