iPhone Hacks/Best iPhone hacks For 2019

iPhone Hacks is an act of unlocking tricks or secret features hidden in your smartphone by Apple, to achieve what Apple never intended to. That is to say, There are many options you can unlock from your iPhone to change the way iOS works, will be detailed in this article.

iPhone Hacks

iPhone Hack: Charge Your Battery Faster

If you want your iPhone battery to charge faster, you have to enable Airplane mode, follow this me to switch to Airplane mode

  • Open “control” center
  • For IPhone X, swipe down from the right top of the screen  For other models swipe up from the bottom of the screen. And then tap on “airplane” icon to turn it on

How to type commands to Siri Rather than Saying them

This iPhone hacks is for iOS 11 and above

  • Progress to your phone settings.
  • Click on “General” tab
  • Select “Accessibility” button
  • Locate and then tap on “Siri” tab
  • Enable “Type to Siri” widget and then activate Siri, you will see a keyboard displayed on the screen waiting for you to enter your command. To speak, click on the “microphone” image

Locate the Strongest Nearby Cellular Signal

This hacks is for iOS 6-10, iOS 11,your phone must have an Intel modem to be able to use this hack.

  • Open your phone app
  • Dial *3001#12345#*
  • Click on “call” tab
  • For iOS 6-10, the field test page will appear. For iOS 11 and above  Main menu will show
  • Click on “LTE”
  • Press on “ Serving Cell Meas” and search for rsrp0 and rsrp1
  • Tap on the signal strength indicator
  • If the numbers decreases the better the signal. When you see signs like – 90,-110 the signal is good but if you see – 125 it means there is no signal

iPhone hacks: Take Photos with Siri

  • Hold down the side button or your home button, to activate Siri
  • After you’ve done this, ask Siri to take a photo or video depending on the type You want, for instance “ Hey Siri, take a photo” it can be a square, panoramic photo or slow motion, tap-lapse video. You can also ask Siri to take a seifie.

iPhone Hack: Use a Hidden Dark Mode to switch Bright interface to Black

This iPhone Hack is helpful for people that has color blindness, that makes it easier for the eyes. It Works for iOS 11 and upward

  • Click on the “settings” icon
  • Tap on “General” tab
  • Select “Accessibility” widget
  • Press on the “Display Accommodations” button.
  • Click on “invert colors” tab
  • Choose from the options either “Smart invert” or “Classic invert” widget.  The smart invert turns some of the on screaming colors to dark mode while classic invert turns all colors into dark mode

iPhone Hacks –  Equalize Music Volume

With this iPhone hack you can make your music play on the same level with the help of the sound Check

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Click on “music” widget. Move down to the playback section enable “sound Check” button

iPhone hacks: Shake To Undo Typing

  • Move to settings
  • Select Accessibility button
  • Go to interaction and then click “Shake to undo” tab and enable it. 

Make Light Blink as a Notification

If you want to receive notification through light blinking when you have new messages or notification.

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on “settings” button
  • Press on “Accessibility” tab
  • Click on “Led Flash for Alerts” tab to enable it. 


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