iPhone Stuck in headphone mode/ Best ways to fix it

iPhone Stuck in headphone mode won’t let sounds come out while playing audio or video. Follow this fixes to solve the problem associated with your phone stuck in headphone mode.

iPhone stuck in headphone mode

How To Fix iPhone Stuck in headphones mode

Will be teaching you several ways you can bring solution to your iPhone headset problem, all you need is take the steps below

Plug and Unplug headphones

Try to plug in your headphone and then Unplug it, maybe it was not recognized the last time you unplug it .  Performing this act might solve the issue, but if it doesn’t, continue with the step below until you fix it.

Check Audio Output settings to solve iPhone stuck in headphone mode

Current iOS device allows you take charge of thedirection you want your audio to be played to, you need to check the audio output settings

  • Go to your phone control center, for iPhone X, XS, XR, you swipe downward while for older model of iPhone you swipe upward to access the control center
  • For iOS 10, Swipe right to access the music control page, while for iOS 11 and later Move to the top right side and select “music control” widget
  • Tap on “audio controls” tab for iOS 10. For iOS 11, click on “Airplay” icon, who is the circles with triangle in it
  • A list shows, if you see iPhone in the menu, click on it

On/off Airplane Mode

Taking your phone to Airplane mode disconnects your phone from WIFI network and Bluetooth devices temporary, to enable and disable airplane mode follow the directives below

  • Go to your phone control center
  • Select  to highlight the “airplane” icon,  when you do this, it mean it has been enabled
  • After some time, click on the “airplane” icon again to remove the highlights which is disabling it
  • When you are done, play audio to see if the issue is resolved

Restart your phone to fix iPhone Stuck in headphone mode problem

This option can possibly be the solution to your iPhone Stuck in headphone mode issue. You will not loose any of your data when you reset or restart your phone. Here is how to restart your iPhone

Clean The headphone jack.

It could be that dirt get stuck in the jack thereby making iPhone to think that headphone is inserted.  All you need is to look into the jack if you see stuff apart from the phone metal, something that looks disorderly. Then there’s something wrong.  To remove dirt or debris, you need to blow air into the Jack or find tiny tool that can penetrate into the Jack and get rid of the debris

Check For water damage to fix iPhone Stuck in headphone mode

After trying the above fixings, and is still showing headphones plug-in.  It could be that the phone is suffering from water damage. This occurs when your phone enters water or other moisture and then causing damages to it. So If you see an orange dot indicating water damage then you need a repair to get your phone out from water damage .

if you tried the above fixes and problem persist , you can go to support apple for assistance


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