Is Yahoo Mail Down? – How to Check if Yahoo Mail is Down

Is Yahoo Mail down?, this is one of the questions you’ll frequently hear those who are using Yahoo mail ask especially when they are experiencing any issues while trying to use this popular email service. At other times, you’ll hear questions like ‘is yahoo mail shutting down’?, ‘is yahoo mail down today’?, and ‘is yahoo email server down’. All these questions arise as a result of one problem or the other that users may be facing at one time or another.

Is Yahoo Mail Down? - How to Check if Yahoo Mail is Down

Even though at some times when these questions come up, yahoo mail is still up and running. At other times the web e-mail can go down, and some times it happens at the most inopportune times when you need to use the service the most. However, not to worry, if you discover that yahoo email is actually down, we are going to show you how to check it.

Currently, Yahoo mail still stands as the third largest email service in the world. This web-based email service is offered by the American company Yahoo. The Yahoo mail service is free for personal use, but paid for business email plans which are divided into three categories.

Launched in 1997, this web-based service according to comScore was the third-largest web-based email service with over 281 million users as at December 2011. Having operated for so many years, it is only expected that it’s users would have encountered some issues.

Common Problems with Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail servers go down either in select regions or when it is a global outage which also receives an official statement from the company. Some of the common problems with Yahoo includes:

  • Ability to read emails
  • Sending emails via the online portal, iPad, iPhone, or Android apps.
  • Top complaints usually involve the sign in page. This most times is not always because of forgotten passwords.

However lately, users are also complaining mostly about emails not downloading the content, attachments, and the network being very slow. This can be because of a server issue in different regions.

Most of the problems yahoo users have are device/internet related problems. By this, we mean that the problem may not actually be from Yahoo, but from a users internet connection or from their computer.

When this happens, you have to know how to check to know where the problem is coming from so you can easily fix it. Later we will be showing you how to do just that in this article.

How to Check if Yahoo Mail is Down

There’s a way you can check to see if Yahoo mail is down today. Here’s how to check:

Even though Yahoo does not have a public service status page that we have an idea of, however, there’s a web site known as This is the website you can use to check if Yahoo mail is down.

Here are the simple steps on how you can use this website to check if yahoo mail server is down:

  • Go to the
  • Alternatively you can visit the shortened URL, at and enter “” into the box
  • Then click on the “Enter” button on your keyboard.
  • And just like that, you can check to see if yahoo mail is down today.

You can simply bookmark these links so that the next time you think that your e-mail provider is having issues, you can verify that the problem is from them and not from your computer or internet connection.

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