Launch Application on Mac with Seven Easy ways

To Launch Application on Mac seems difficult, most especially if you are a new Mac user. So the major issue here is finding the application you stored, where it’s launcher are and also how you to use them.Will be disclosing several means to which you can find and open items on your Mac.

launch application on mac

How To Launch application on mac from Dock

This method is probably the simplest procedure fresh Users use in learning how to launch applications.Therefore to add application to dock ,

  • Go to applications finder
  • Drag the app and drop it on the dock.

To unpin application from Dock to desktop

  • Right click on the application you want to remove from dock
  • Select “options” tab
  • Click on “Remove from Dock” widget. Or you can drag the app icon to the arrangement you want.

Program Files Directory

You can access and launch applications using the application folder

  • Click on “folder” icon at the left corner in dock or you can the blank part of the desktop
  • Go to menu
  • Select “applications” tab, to show the application folder content
  • Navigate and install application
  • To launch application, double tap the app icon, or you can drag

To keep application you installed in dock

  • When you are running the application,then Pres on “control + right tap” it’s icon
  • From the pop up menu, choose “options” tab
  • Click on “keep in dock” widget

Application folder

  • Go to finder
  • Hold on “shift and A” Keys  to open application folder
  • Type in the first alphabet of the name of the application , then Pres on “control + O” to  open application

Launch application on mac with Siri

  • Click on the “Siri” icon, located in dock
  • Go to the menu bar or assign a keyboard shortcut in the system Preferences


This is an application use to find apps in Mac. mean while It displays all app in grip, so all you need to do is to tap on the “Launchpad” icon in dock

Recently Used application

In Mac the recent items list is located beneath Apple menu, however it enlist the document, app or servers you accessed of recent.  You can find and launch app there

  • Locate the “recent items list” by clicking on “Apple menu”, on the top of the screen
  • Tap on “Recent items” button
  • All the application you viewed recently, will be displayed, then scroll to select the item want to access

Launch application on mac with Spotlight

 Spotlight is just a search tool, you can use to find items such as document, applications etc

  • Hold on command and space Key
  • Type in the name of app you are looking for , then click on“Enter” Key and the program will Startup


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