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We are going all you need to know about leverage, how it works as well as its ratio etc. Knowing what leveraging is and how your business can benefit from it is very essential, so lets started and tell you all you need to know.


What is Leverage

It is a concept both in business and investing situations. In business, leverage can be defined as how a business acquires new assets for startup or expansion. When you say a business is leveraged, it means that the business has borrowed money to finance the purchase of assets. Note, that businesses can also use this concept through equity by raising money from investors.

It involves using capital assets. This can usually be from loans to fund company growth and development in a similar way via the purchase of assets. Now such growth and development may not be possible without the benefit of additional funds gained through leveraging.

Leverage Buyouts

Buyout is the purchase of a business with the assistance of a borrowed money. Here, the assets of the company being bought are used as collateral for the loans by the buyer. The idea behind this is that the assets will immediately produce a strong cash flow.

How It Works

If a small business does not have enough capital on hand to fund it’s expenditures, the retailer will have to apply for a business loan. This loan is that which enables the business do what it could not do without the additional funds.

Leverage Ratio

We need to know how leverage is measured. According to accountants and investment analysts, it can be measured using a financial tool known as debt-to-equity ratio.

The debt equity ratio measures the amount of debt a business has as compared to the equity (ownership amount) of the owners. The debt equity ratio is displayed on the business balance sheet.

How to Measure

Begin with “liabilities”,  and add short-term debt, the current portion of long term debt (this is the part that’s due this year), as well as long term debt.

Leverage is mostly seen as bank loans, even though it can also be other kinds of obligations.

How to Leverage From Borrowing

Business owners can leverage their business using either financial or operating.

Financial leverage is from traditional borrowing from a bank or other lender while on the other hand operating comes from activities like trade financing and payables.

How Good is Leverage?

According to a (2003) study,  leverage from operating liabilities typically levers profitability more than financing and also has a higher frequency of favorable effects.


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