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Loans are financial solutions borrowed either for short term financial solutions, for landed properties (house) Auto etc. There are different types of loans that are offered by financial institutions to debt worthy customers. Here are lists of some of them.



Personal Loan

Personal loans in general are borrowed money that can be utilized for large purchases, alleviate financial hardships or come in handy for a pressing need. These, can be repaid in monthly installments over the course of typically two to six years, and can even take longer depending on the circumstances.

Mortgage Loan

Mortgage loans are those that can be accessed using property or real estate as collateral. Here, the borrower enters into an agreement with the lender (usually a bank) to receive cash upfront after which he/she then makes payments over a set time span until the cash is paid back to the lender in full. A mortgage can also be referred to as home loan when it is used for the purchase of a home.

Auto Loans

Auto loans are those acquired for the purchase of either a used or new car. An auto loan term typically spans from 24 months to 60 months even though longer with 72 or 84 months are becoming more popular these days.

Student Loans

Most financial institutions that lend to students mostly tilt towards the federal student type. This is because this type has fixed interest rates and are not to be paid until a few months after graduation. Federal student loans are divided into two which are the Subsidized loans which is meant for students with the highest financial need, as the government makes interest payments on the loan while the student is still in school. The unsubsidized loan on the other hand is available for the average student borrower regardless of the financial situation.

Loans Payday

Loans Payday otherwise refereed to as “Cash Advance”, “Payday Advance, “Payroll Advance”, “Check Advance , Paycheck Advance” or Deferred Deposit” is a common solution for prompt, short-term financial needs that is often caused by unexpected charges in income and/or expenses.

Loans Payday are expensive lines of credit which should only be used for short-term financial needs. Thus it is not advisable to take out a Payday loan for the purpose of paying off credit cards or other kinds of unsecured or secured debt.

Reasons Why a Loans Payday May be Necessary

  • Sudden emergency expenses such as medical bills, household expenses, auto repair and lots more.
  • If you need help paying for everyday expenses like rent food, and utility bills in between paychecks.

Necessary Information

When applying for a loan, the following information are very vital to your approval.

  • Social Security number
  • Your home address
  • Your income amount
  • Some state may prompt you for documents to verify your income.

Downsides of Loans Payday

Many Payday loan companies get your personal information and go scouting for a lender. This implies that your information may go out to third parties as part of the lending process. Some companies, even go as far as selling your information, which leaves you dealing with sales calls and spam emails.


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