MAC OS X Bluetooth problem/ How To Fix?

Mac OS X Bluetooth problem is one of the issues Mac users wants to solve. Some times this issue occurs when the Bluetooth device that is paired with a Mac stops working. therefore, follow the steps or the possible solutions to see if it works.

mac OS X bluetooth

Steps to solve Mac OS X Bluetooth problems

You can take this steps one after the other to resolve the Bluetooth issues

Ensure you have Mac OS updated version

Is of very important to always keep your device up to date, always check out for updates because Apple Frequently changes how Mac OS operates Bluetooth devices.

Restart Your Mac Bluetooth connection

  • Move to “Apple menu”
  • Locate the “system Preferences” tab
  • Click on “Bluetooth” widget
  • Select “turn Bluetooth off” button, wait for some time, then tap on “turn Bluetooth on” tab
  • Try to see if the Bluetooth issues is resolved

Remove the device and try to pair again

  • Open “Apple menu” button
  • Go to “system Preferences” widget
  • Select “Bluetooth”
  • In the list of device,  find your device, then tap on “x” sign to remove.
  • Click on “remove” button
  • You can now go ahead and re-pair your device

Disable Hand-off feature to fix OS X Bluetooth problem

  • Progress to the Apple menu
  • Pres on “system Preferences”
  • Click on “general” tab
  • Locate “Hand-off” and ensure it is disabled

Reset Mac OS X Bluetooth settings

  • Go to Bluetooth preferences and turn it on
  • Hold on the “shift and option” Key
  • Go to the menu bar, then pres on the “ Bluetooth” icon
  • From the pop up menu, select “Debug” tab, which is one of the hidden items displayed
  • Click on “remove all devices” widget
  • Pres on the “shift +option” Key. Then tap on “Bluetooth menu”.
  • Choose “Debug” option from the list
  • Click on “reset Bluetooth module” tab
  • After resetting, then you can pair devices

Delete Macs Bluetooth preference List

  • Open a finder window and move to /YourStartupDrive/Library/Preferences.
  • Press “command-shift-G” on your keyboard, then Key in /Library/Preferences in the search tool
  • Click on “Enter” Key
  • Mostly it will be /Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences. But If your Startup drive name is changed, it means the first pathname above will be that name ; For instance Name/library/preferences
  • When it opens in the finder, scroll down and search for the file then click on it to drag it to the preferences folder, with this, a copy of the folder is created on the desktop
  • Go to the finder page, that is open to /yourstartupDrive/Library/Preferences, then right-click the “ file and choose “Move to trash”
  • Key in the password if you are prompted to, then Press on “ok” tab
  • Close all applications, and restart your Mac


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