My iPhone Says no SIM Card/How do I Fix it?

My iPhone Says no SIM Card and I don’t know how to go about it? It could be that your iPhone is having issue with the SIM Card thereby showing No SIM Card installed or searching, and when it happens like this you can’t connect your phone cellular network, make or receive calls. Your phone showing no SIM Card installed may be because it’s not properly seated.

my iPhone says no SIM Card

Location of iPhone SIM Card

SIM Card is a smart card that carries a unique individualidentification number and also stores data.. For iPhone 3G,3GSthe SIM tray is located in between the “on/off” button and the “headphone jack”.  For iPhone4and later, it’s on the right side of you phone

How do I Fix my iPhone showing no SIM Card installed

To Fix this errors follow the steps shown below

Step 1: Re-seat the iPhone SIM Card

It might be that your SIM is not properly lodged, so try reseating it

  • Get SIM removal tool and insert it into the tray
  • The tray pops out, check and ensure is seated accordingly
  • After confirming that, push it back in

Step 2: Switch Airplane mode on/Off

If the first step did not solve the problem, try to switch on airplane mode on and then off.

  • On the homepage, Swipe up or down toaccess the control page, depending on the model of your phone
  • Click on the airplane icon to enable it
  • After few seconds, tap on the “airplane” icon again to disable it
  • Close the control center and then check it was successful

Step 3: update iOS

If the above solution options did not work, check if there’s iOS available update  before you can do this, you need to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Click on “general” tab
  • Tap on “software update” button, if there’s available update it will show on the screen, follow the onscreen directives to update

Step 4: Restart iPhone when your iPhone Says no SIM Card

Restarting your device can assist in solving the issue at hand. For older iPhones, hold on the “on/off” button at the top or side of your iPhone depending on the model

  • Asyou are holding the button, power slider appears on the screen, simply slide to turn of the device
  • Wait for the phone to switch off, after that hold on the “on/off” button to turn it on again,
  • release the button when you see Apple logo on the screen and wait for it to restart

To Restart your iPhone 7 and later model Click on this link to learn how to restart your iPhone

Step 5: Check for carrier setting update

  • Tap on “settings” tab on your phone
  • Click on “general” option
  • Select “about” button
  • Ifthere’s available update, simply follow the instructions

Step 5: Test for SIM Card malfunctioning

If your iPhone is still displaying no SIM installed.  The problem might be from the SIM Card, all you need is to insert it on a different phone to see where the problem comes from. you can locate Apple support for help


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