My iPhone won’t turn On/ how do i fix it?

iPhone won’t turn on? You have nothing to worry about because there are numerous ways you can try to fix it to keep you going. All you need is to try the possible solutions that will be tabled down In this article.

iPhone won't turn on

What to do if your iPhone won’t turn On at all

I drooped my iPhone and it won’t turn On?  If so, performing these tips might help your phone to boot and work accordingly.

Step 1 : Charge Your iPhone

You need to ensure that you have a charged battery It could be that the battery is completely dead , so to verify this, simply plug in your phone to a wall charger and wait for a while for about 15 to 30mins. And it will be turned On that’s if the issue came up due to lack of batter power. If it doesn’t power on, you can try another charger to see where the fault comes from

Step 2 :Restart your Phone

If after charging you phone it did not turn on try to restart your device by holding on the Off and On button to  shut it down. Click on this link to learn how to restart your iPhone

Step 3: Force Reset the iPhone that won’t turn On

If restarting it did not solve the issue  you can try hard starting it

  • For iPhone 8 or newer , click and release the volume up button, and then press on the “volume down” tab and release it immediately. Then hold on the “power off and On” button until Apple logo appears
  • For iPhone 7 and other models tap on this link to learn how to hard reset

Step 3: Restore Phone to factory settings

This option erases all the data on your phone. Before you continue with this tip you have to sync your phone and restore with iTunes.

  • Connect your phone to a computer using a cable, then open iTunes on your PC, phone icon is to show on the iTunes page
  • If you can’t Find the phone icon there, do the following. Got iPhone 6s or newer, iPad hold on “home” and the ‘On/Off” button at the same time until the recovery mode shows up. For iPhone 7 Press on “power on/off” and the “volume down” button until the recovery page displays. For iPhone 8 or later repeat the reset method above
  • When your phone is still on the recovery mode, tap on the “phone” icon in iTunes screen
  • Click on “restore iPhone” widget
  • Accept or decline the backup option
  • Tap on “restore” link to confirm. Check if the problem has been solved.

Step 4: switch iPhone to DFU mode

Your iPhone won’t turn on after you try to install an update with having enough battery

  • Ensure you have a running iTunes, Switch Off your phone and then connect it to the computer
  • Press on “on/off” tab and release after few seconds
  • For iPhone 6 and earlier, Hold on the “volume down” button on the side of you phone and the “home” button together for about 10 seconds
  • You can let go of the “on and off” button, as you keep holding the home button for like ten seconds ( when you see message like “plug into iTunes” it means you held the buttons for long, so you are expected to start all over)
  • When the screen stays black you have switched to DFU mode, then follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes

Step 5: Reset Proximity sensor if your iPhone won’t turn On

Your phone won’t turn On due to the malfunction in the proximity sensor. Take the following steps to reset

  • Perform force reset as detailed earlier I this article
  • After restarting, click on “settings” button
  • Select “general” widget
  • Click on “Reset” tab and then select  “Reset all Settings” button. Note, this method won’t clear your data


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