My Printer Appears Offline /How do I Fix it?

Printer Appears Offline ? This could be the result of some errors, such as incomplete print jobs and many more. I will be unmasking other factors that can cause your printer to show offline mode.

printer appears offline

Major Causes Of PrinterAppearing Offline

  • It can be due to incorrect settings
  • Inappropriate seating of the cable
  • Due to unfinished Print jobs that havecaused a failure
  • It can come from the driver –  itoccurs when it’s Outdated, not installed or corrupted

Tips for troubleshooting printer appearing offline

  • Ensure you connect your printer to a power outlet that is functional.
  • Check if it’s powered on working. If it shows error signs, then you have to locate the manual for help.

Steps to take to Fix Printer appearing Offline errors

With this tips above, you can now know if your printer is turned On and working but still shows offline.  You can now follow the procedure below to fix it

Check your Printers Connection

If your Printer is connected to your computer with cable, you have to make sure that the cables are seated appropriately.  For printers connected to the computer wirelessly, verify the network connection

Check If It’s Set to Use Printer Offline

  • For Windows 10 users,  go to search tool and type in “printer”, then choose “printer & scanner” tab. For Windows 8/7 Users, simply click on “start” button, Navigate and select “control panel” widget from the list, then select “devices and printers” tab.
  • Click on the “printer”
  • From the menu, select “Open Queue” widget
  • Choose the dialogue box “printer” button
  • Click on “use printer offline” widget, if you see a checkmark beside it, uncheck it to return it back online

Restart your Printer Spooler service

  • Hold on “wins+R” to open Run. Type in “services.msc, then press “Enter” Key
  • From the service Windows, find and rightclick the “Print Spooler” option
  • Navigate and select “Restart” tab

Uninstall And Reinstall the Printer

  • For Windows7/8, browse for “features” then choose “programs and features” or “Apps &Features” . For Windows10enter “printers” in the search tool, then select “printers & scanner” widget
  • Look for the print Appearing Offline, select it and then click on “uninstall” or “remove” tab
  • Take the further instructions to finish

Check For updates And Install the Latest version

Most times it is due to Outdated version, you get printer appearing offline often.  Do you need to install latest updates in other to fix the issue, to check for updates, follow the mediums

  • Open the settings by Pressing on “Windows + I” Keys
  • After the setting apps opens, click on “updates &Security” button
  • Tap on “Check for updates” widget, then see if there is an update, if there is, simply download and install them. Then go back and see if the problem is solved.


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