National General Insurance – Why Insure with National General?

When searching for the right insurance, it pays to understand all your options. National General Insurance has provided quality coverage to over 1.5 million drivers and homeowners nationwide over its 100+ year history.

National General Insurance

This blog post will offer a quick look at National General’s origins, the policies they sell, how to get quotes and purchase coverage, claims processing details, customer service capabilities, and what stands out about them versus competitors.

About National General Insurance

National General Insurance is a leading insurance company providing auto, home, life, and other insurance products to customers across the United States. Founded in 1920 as Motors Insurance Company, it has a long history of protecting drivers and homeowners. Read on for more details about National General Insurance’s offerings, quotes, claims, customer service, and reasons to choose them for your insurance needs.

National General Insurance Products

National General Insurance offers a range of insurance products including:

  • Auto insurance provides liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for cars and other vehicles.
  • Home insurance offers protection for homeowners’ properties and belongings, with coverage options including dwelling, other structures, and personal property.
  • Umbrella insurance:Extra liability coverage on top of auto and home insurance, protecting assets in case of lawsuit.
  • Recreational vehicle insurance: – Insures RVs, motorhomes, travel trailers, and campers for liability, collision, comprehensive and more. Such as motorcycle, boat, flood, renters, and life insurance plans.

How to Get a Quote and Buy Insurance

The process of obtaining a quote and purchasing insurance from National General includes:

  • Reaching out to a local agent: National General works through independent brokers. Locate one nearby to discuss needs.
  • Providing background details—age, driving/claims history, property value, and more—will to receive accurate quotes.
  • Comparing plans: With the agent’s help, review quotes on recommended plans to pick the best option.
  • After completing the application and paying the first premium, finalize the policy purchase process.

Making a Claim

To make an insurance claim with National General:

  • You have to promptly report the incident – Contact the agent and claims department . with event details and to start review.
  • Then submit documentation—provide police reports, medical records, property damage estimates, etc.
  • Claim investigation – The insurance adjuster researches the validity and value of the claim.
  • Receive payout – If approved, payment will be issued according to policy terms.

Key features that enable efficient claims resolution include:

  • Speak to an adjuster any time of day or night to report your loss and begin the process.
  • For auto repairs stemming from collision damage, you can work with one of the 1,200+ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shops that provide streamlined service.
  • Track your claim status online, upload supporting documents, and sign paperwork electronically.
  • Quickly receive covered payments via electronic transfer once your claim is approved.

Through accelerated adjustment locating, fast-tracked repairs, and secure digital platforms, National General responds swiftly following an insured loss. With multiple reporting channels and real-time updates, you stay informed throughout the claims resolution process.

Why Insure with the National General?

There are many compelling reasons to choose National General Insurance for your personal or commercial coverage needs. From customizable plans to responsive claims servicing, the company consistently prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else.

Specific advantages of partnering with National General for your insurance needs include:

Specialized Coverages

With over 50 years of focusing on niche property and casualty lines, National General has extensive expertise around uncommon exposures not adequately covered by standard insurance carriers. This includes coverage for classic vehicles, vacant homes, rental properties, rideshares, expensive collections and equipment, Mexico tourist vehicles, and more.

By working with an established carrier that specializes in tailored plans for unique assets and risks, you benefit from purpose-built protections covering what matters most.

Exceptional Financial Strength

National General consistently maintains exceptional financial strength and stability. Policyholders can feel fully confident that the company offers reliable long-term backing through their insurance contracts.

National General currently holds over $3 billion in assets while carrying no significant debt obligations on their balance sheet. This level of fiscal durability provides peace of mind that claims payouts and customer obligations will continue to be met for decades to come.

Local Agent Support

While National General offers helpful online account management capabilities, many customers appreciate having the guidance and expertise of a local agent by their side.

Agents affiliated with National General undergo extensive training on the company’s specialized product portfolio. This allows them to make precise coverage recommendations based on an in-depth understanding of available insurance plans.

By establishing an ongoing relationship with a trusted agent, you benefit from year-to-year policy reviews, up-to-date advice on new coverages, and personalized service when you experience a loss. This local connection leads to protection fine-tuned for your ever-changing risks and insurance needs over time.


At the end of the day, National General makes insurance accessible through customizable offerings, niche expertise, financial stability, and local agent partnerships. That’s why the company remains a top choice for personalized protection year after year.

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