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Nova Launcher|outstanding features of Nova Launcher| Nova Launcher download

Nova Launcher is a strong customizable home screen replacement. Are you tired of staring at that non-welcoming Android home screen of yours?  The Nova Launcher is a reliable launcher with outstanding features. So if you’re an android phone user to make your experience fun, you need to Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher

How does it work

The Launcher is designed to make your experience enjoyable, how?  It tends to provide amazing features in other to create a friendly launcher for users and also increase their device speed. Just head to the app download market to install the Nova Launcher.

Outstanding features of Nova Launcher

This is an interesting part of this article. Thus you will get to know what makes Nova exceptional from other Launcher.

Latest version: it provides the current version of your devices even when you’re using an older one. What are I trying to say?  When you use this Launcher with your old model phone, it works as if you’re using the current version.

The Customizable app drawer – the app drawer can be changed to the one you prefer. So you can personalize your scrolling manner on the Launcher and also the page effects.

Customize icon theme –  it is very compatible with lots of play store icon theme. So with this Launcher users can select the theme they want.

The Subgrid Positioning- the Subgrid positioning users will be able to snap widget and icon that are in the middle of the grid cells.

Powerful Speed – this Launcher is designed in a way that will make your Android device work with speed.

Backup /restore – the backup and restore widget enables you to switch to other devices with great confidence of having your content back.

Dark Mode /Night mode feature –this enables you to switch to dark mode whenever you want.

Nova Launcher download

It is very easy to get the Launcher on your device, you only need to take a few steps to the play store to install the app. Take the instructions given below to get it.

  • Go to your device menu
  • Click on the play store icon to open it.
  • Move over to the search tool and input “Nova Launcher” it will take you to the install screen.
  • On the next page, normally the app will show first, just hit on the install button to download it on your phone.
  • After installing you can decide to launch it at that moment or launch it later.

How To Set it as your Default Launcher

For people using Android 7.0 and above, you need to find the sub-menu of the app, this will depend on your device and then click on the setting widget at the top select “home app” tab. From the list choose “Nova Launcher”

For Android 4.4 to 6.0 device. Go to the settings menu, Locate the home sub-menu, click on advanced and finally select “Nova Launcher”

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