Number of Times You’re More At Risk Of Credit Card Fraud

Number of Times You’re More At Risk Of Credit Card Fraud. Having a Credit Card alone puts cardholders at risk of fraud. Generally, credit card fraud is so common nowadays. But there are certain activities you engage in that make you more at risk of becoming a credit card fraud victim. Most of these acts are unavoidable. Meanwhile, you must keep a perfect watch on your credit card against unruly activities of any unauthorized charges.  The following are the risk of your credit card involved in a fraud.

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Number of Times: After Using your credit card at the Pump

Credit card thieves are known to install credit card skimmers onto credit card slots at the gas station and ATMs. These skimming devices are very hard to easily Detect because of the resemblance with the real credit card reader. The skimmer can capture store card information with each credit card swipe. The thieves later come back to download all the information. So many skimming devices are so sophisticated that the thief can even use Bluetooth technology to download the credit card information from a distance, so has not to be caught.

Of recent, gas station has become the target for fraud in the next several months. Most retailers are upgrading to more secure EMV credit card machines.

When you loan your credit card to a friend or relative

Giving out your Credit card to a third party puts you at risk of credit card fraud. The people you gave your card to might not be as careful as you would have been with your credit card.

When your credit card has been stolen

If your credit card is stolen you’re at the most risk of credit card fraud. In fact, this happens more often. Missing a credit card that was in your stolen wallet. In case of this kind of event report immediately to your card issuers

Downloading Email attachment from an unknown source

Nowadays, hackers can install Spyware on your computer through attachments and other downloads. Once the Spyware has affected your computer it can then run undetected in the background of your computer, capturing and transmitting the data to the hackers. With all your information the hacker can carry out his fraudulent activities. Be very tactical and careful of attachments you open and applications you download to your computer, even if it seems to come from a known source.

A business you’ve shopped with has a data breach

Every time businesses keep suffering a data breach, which puts millions of consumers of credit card data in the hands of hackers. Business doesn’t always notify consumers when there’s a data breach and not every data breach is big enough to call the media attention. Always monitor your credit card account for fraudulent activities, especially if a business you’ve shopped has suffered a data breach.

Credit Card Fraud can go undetected for weeks, months especially when you are not monitoring the account closely or more often. Always review your credit card transaction to catch fraud and deal with it

Number of Times: Posting pictures of your credit card online

Most times we upload pictures on the Internet with our credit card around closely. Hackers can zoom up such pictures to get credit card information. Most times we do this, taking a selfie at restaurants, shopping mall cinema with our credit card lying around.


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