OkCupid is one of the American based, online dating sites. It is a site for friendship, dating and social networking. It features multiple-choice questions that aid in the matches of members. The site is supported by advertisements, by paying users that do not see ads and selling if users data for data mining. These are few among the numerous features of the OkCupid dating site.


OKCupid Mobile

OKCupid Mobile app will increase your chance of finding a match that may turn to real life. This dating site is one of the biggest dating sites. With 30 million users logging in every day. With this record on will really wonder and want to get to know in detail what is good about the dating site.

However, the mobile app will connect you to your new match. The better date comes from better connection get connected on OKCupid, it is just beyond the photo, and notice by what makes you.

Additionally, like other apps just create a profile of your own. Where you can put your photo and other of your personal information. When creating or setting up the site, it will require you answering hundreds of optional questions that will help in enhancing your profile for good matches. When signing up you will choose the type of relationship you’re searching for and profiles that match your taste. Thus on this dating site, you get to find people near you, chat with them and also get along with anyone that suite your demand.

How to Download OKCupidMobile App

  • On your phone, get to app store
  • On the page search bar, type in Okcupid
  • When it has display, click on the “Install”
  • Get the app downloaded into your device

OKCupid Sign Up

To sign up for the app is just like creating your own account on the website. This will only take simply steps to follow:

  • Using a browser and f your choice
  • Go to the official website ofokcupid.com
  • Navigate on the page to the icon “Join[d1] okcupid”
  • Next, you enter your email address
  • Or you can sign up through Facebook

Although you can sign up Okcupid via Facebook, none of your posts can be on Facebook. Your security and privacy is still being check and protected.

Okcupid Login / Sign In

  • Get to www.okcupid.com
  • On the website navigate to the right-hand side of the page
  • Click on the “Sign In” button
  • Next, enter your email address and password
  • Click on the “Sign In” button

Alternatively, you can also “Sign In” with Facebook


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