OneDrive for Business – OneDrive Subscription Plans | OneDrive Setup on Mobile and Windows

OneDrive for Business? OneDrive is simply a cloud service offered by Microsoft, that connects users to all their files. It allows users to store, share, and protect their documents and also, access any device of their choice including Android, windows phone, computers, Xbox one console, iOS device, etc.

OneDrive for Business - OneDrive Subscription Plans | OneDrive Setup on Mobile and Windows

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Moreover, with this service, you can recover your important files from OneDrive when your device is stolen or lost. That is the main reason lots of businesses are adopting the service. Thus, it does not only help to protect your files it also serves as a medium where members of a business or team collaborate with each other, through file sharing and other outstanding features.

OneDrive For Business

OneDrive For Business is a managed cloud storage, which replaces SharePoint workspace, designed specifically for business users. Unlike OneDrive, which is a personal storage service. It increases the number of file types it can access. That is why it can access recent edited, important files faster.

The OneDrive For Business storage space has the capacity store documents that have up to 15gb size. It securely shares documents both within and outside a platform and can also sync local copies of files for offline viewing. That means you can access your files locally when you’re not online. So if you’re into a business, OneDrive for business is the ideal storage platform, that works perfectly in storing and sharing files.

Features of OneDrive

Let quickly look into the features of this article.

  • OneDrive for business works smarter and faster with other people in and out of your establishment
  • It enables members of an organization to securely share documents and work together using apps like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word on the web, computer, and mobile device.
  • Backs- up and protect your documents, so that you can recover from accidental deletes or even when you lose your device.
  • With the OneDrive for Business mobile application, you can create, view, edit, and share documents.
  • The mobile app enables you to easily Scan your work receipts, paper documents, and other related documents.

These are the features of the OneDrive if you want to use it for your business.

OneDrive Subscription Plans

OneDrive for business features three subscription plans, plan 1, plan 2, and Microsoft 365 business-standard.

Plan 1

Offers $5 each user monthly on an annual commitment. It comes with OneDrive 1 TB storage space and can store files up to 15 GB. With this plan you can access files from anywhere by getting the mobile apps on your device. Bookmark files to access later. With the mobile app, you can access files offline and also backup photos as well. Moreover, plan 1 does not come with office apps.

Plan 2

It offers $10 each user per month on an annual commitment. It is best to plan for a business that wants file sharing and OneDrive storage with advanced security and compliance capabilities. Office apps are not included in this plan. Thus, it has unlimited individual cloud storage. Anywhere access using the mobile app and other amazing features.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Microsoft 365 business-standard plan was formerly known as “ office 355 business premium”. It features $12.50 per user each month on an annual commitment. It comes with business-class email, office apps, and other services like OneDrive, Yammer, Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams. The office apps are as follows PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Word, Outlook, Publisher (for PC), and Access (for PC).

How to Setup OneDrive Business on Mobile

To set up this service you need Microsoft 365. If you don’t have any of the apps kindly download one and create an account.

  • Launch your Microsoft 365 or your SharePoint website with your work.
  • Go to the sign-in in the field and sign in to your account.
  • After the sign-in steps, the main Page will open.
  • Locate the app launcher it is represented with nine-dot in a square share. When you find the icon, click on it.
  • From the menu, select “ OneDrive” then follow the guide to sync.

Setup as Sync Folder in Windows

First of all, download office 2013 on your computer. You can install the OneDrive for Business app from the Microsoft OneDrive download screen. The steps below will guide you.

  • Launch your browser.
  • Browse for office 365 web page at
  • Log in with your organization account details click on OneDrive from the apps menu, at the top of the page.
  • Click on sync
  • A menu will pop up, tap on the “ sync now” button.
  • Enter the account name you want to use to login and then click on next.
  • From the options, select the “ work” account.
  • Type in your password and then sign in.
  • Tap on “ ready to sync now” widget.
  • After syncing, scroll down and click on the “ show my files” tab.
  • When you complete the above steps your OneDrive folder will be inked. Then you can now upload, download and work with your OneDrive files right on your computer.

Here os how you ca set up a sync folder on your windows.

OneDrive For business login

To login to your OneDrive for Business account on the web simply take the steps under

  • Search for
  • Move to the top left extreme and tap on the “login” button.
  • Type in your email, phone number or Skype
  • Select the next widget beneath.
  • Provide your correct account password in the appropriate column, then progress with the instructions on the screen to complete the login procedure.

You can log in your account this way with the steps above.


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