OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business – Comparison

OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business. Any business owner that stores it’s data in the cloud is really conscious of its business welfare. To store data in the cloud is very necessary and it’s simply regardless of the cost. Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox are two strong and effective cloud data storage providers with unique options. Not just for individuals but also for business empires, small businesses and large businesses as well.

Although each of them has its pros and cons the differences between both must be put into consideration when your making decisions on your business. Read more to see in detail on this topic: OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business.

OneDrive Vs Dropbox For Business

What is the difference between OneDrive and Dropbox?

OneDrive and Dropbox are both cloud services providers. Both cloud services offer users free space. To compared the two, the free space given by Dropbox is lesser than the one offered by OneDrive. On registration, Dropbox will offer you 2 GB storage space, you then earn additional space if you invite your friends to try the cloud service. The free space OneDrive offers when you register is large and is about 15GB. You get an additional 1GB for a referral.

Another difference that exists between the two cloud storage is their fees. Both OneDrive and Dropbox charge $9.99 each month for you to have 1 TB of cloud storage. But OneDrive cloud storage, $9.99 charges for the month does not only cover for the cloud services but you are offer subscription for Office 365.

OneDrive’s main focus is on Windows and office integration. When you run an Office app, you will be able to visit documents that are stored in OneDrive and edit your documents.

Dropbox can perform we on a different platform not only on Windows but also on Mac and Linux. Dropbox has incremental upload and file functions. It can check if files are touch and upload the changed file. It retains files history version for each file, helping users to restore revising file versions at any time.

Although both cloud storage is good, OneDrive was recorded in 2017  as the best cloud storage. But a lot of businesses choose the two cloud and make good use of the free cloud services it offers.

Factors to Consider when using OneDrive or Dropbox for business

Storage Costs

To make the right choice when considering which of the clouds to pick either OneDrive or Dropbox for business. First, you need to consider storage features. How each service handles its storage. So one needs to know how much space to be used in the drive while considering using OneDrive for business.


When it has to do with OS integration, there factors to consider. OneDrive Microsoft only integrated with the Windows operating system. This enables the effective storage of data from a Windows computer to the cloud. OneDrive has integration for Mac, iOS, and Android.

Security system

When it comes to security, both OneDrive and Dropbox make use of encryption to protect users’ data. Both services also encrypt data while on transit to the cloud from the computer. Also they encryption once it’s on the cloud and on their servers.

Two Factor Authentication

These two services offers two-factor authentication. This means that your account and files are totally safe. It makes it more difficult to penetrate your account or files.

In conclusion, it is good to have multiple cloud storage and transfers your files among cloud storage. This will get you cover in case of any issues. It will help you enjoy more free space but you can manage all your cloud storage with one account.


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