Online Shopping Safety Tips | Online Shopping safety tips this holiday season

Online Shopping Safety Tips. Let the count down begins its holiday season. Everyone is shopping for the festive season. However, more than half of the shoppers are making their plans to buy online this season. Consequently, it is also the season for online scammers to launch out their adventure.

Online shopping scams can reveal your identity and even empty your wallet. These are the fiercest form of consumer fraud. This is according to a report published by the Better Business Bureau. Also, recently according to Experian Survey about 43% have been recorded to be victims of Identity theft. This Happens regularly while shopping online during the holiday season. But in the heart of this menace, there is a way out to protect yourself while shopping online this season. Let explore the topic: Online Shopping Safety Tips.

Online Shopping Safety Tips

Online Seasonal shopping Facts and Details

It is the holiday shopping season again, and the heat always begins in the last two months of the year. Most of these shopping transactions take place online via Laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. Especially with the increase in e-commerce. Also, Financial crime, frauds are on the increase too.  Quick facts of records:

  • In 2019 the number of online sales has grown when compared to 2018
  • 56% of holiday shoppers plan to make purchases online in 2019
  • $1,047.83 is the average amount an American consumer have planned to spend on holiday shopping in 2019
  • About $149 billion have been estimated about online holiday shopping sales for 2019 from November to January
  • 43% of online shoppers surveyed said their identity theft occurred while shopping online in the holiday season
  • 8% of consumers were recorded to be victims of Identity theft during the holiday season.

Online Shopping Safety Tips this Holiday

  1. Avoid using public WiFi. It is advisable not to use public WiFi for your online shopping. They are placed for hackers to grab your information while you’re shopping online. Do not use any free Internet without Privacy and security.
  2. Avoid jumping at low prices online. Especially this season, on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and any big deals and sales. Shop in familiar big brands, try to compared prices and pictures of merchandise at similar websites. The website may only exist to collect users with personal information.
  3. Shipped to a secure location. It is a big risk of shopping online and home deliveries. Also, there is an increase in thieves stealing packages from the doorsteps. If there is no one at home to receive the parcel ship to your office or any safe location.
  4. Use only official retailer apps to shop. The mobile app enables you to shop or buys items of choice. Always use the official retailer mobile app for your shopping. And avoid the danger of installing any app filled with malicious software, or malware. Watch against malicious app only download from reliable stores such as google play store, the App store, etc.
  5. Use a strong password combination Including numbers, letters, and symbols. Let your password combination be strong enough that no hacker can easily manipulate. Also, avoid reusing a particular password in all your transactions.
  6. Use anti-phishing software. Reputable anti-virus programs that contain anti-phishing software and alert that easily detect phishing scams.
  7. Do not swipe at the card reader. Only use EMV systems such as chip-and-PIN. It is more secure than the old swipe card reader. Opt for credit in place of debit card.
  8. Always check your Financial Account. Sign up for bank alert to get information on your account. Check on your account at least once a week and especially after any online transaction.


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