Outlook How To Share Calendar

Outlook how to share calendar educates you on how to share Outlook calendar with others in or outside your organization. There are several ways of sharing calendars with other people depending on what you want.

Outlook How To Share Calendar With a Colleague

If you desire to share a calendar with someone who works in the same organization with you here’s what you should do;

  • Tap open the calendar in Outlook and then tap Home > Share Calendar >Calendar.

If you are using Outlook for more than one account, ensure you select the calendar for the account you wish to share.

The Calendar Properties window will pop open to show you who currently has access to your calendar.

Share With Someone

  • To share with someone, tap the “Add” tab.

This will display your address book and by default show the people in your organization. You are to add the person you wish to share your calendar with and thereafter tap “OK”.

Your colleague of choice, will appear in Permissions window. By default, they’ll have a permission level of “Can view all details”, that can be changed anytime you wish.

Immediately you are done, tap “OK” to share your calendar.

View Shared Calendar

If you want to view a calendar that someone has shared with you, tap Home >Add Calendar >Open Shared Calendar.

In the window that is displayed, enter the name of the person who has shared a calendar with you and tap OK.

Outlook How To Share Calendar With Almost Anyone

You can share by emailing a copy of Outlook calendar to the people you want to share with. The recipient willhave the access of seeing a snapshot of your appointments and scheduled events but will not see any updates or changes made to the calendar.

Outlook How To Share Calendar With Another Exchange User

  • Navigate to the home button, in the Share group, and click on the “Share Calendar” option.
  • In the Sharing Invitation that isdisplayed, enter the person you want to share with in the To box.
  • Keyin or choose any other options that you need, just like you were sending an email.

Giving Someone Access To Your Calendar in Outlook

  • Tap on the File tab
  • Press on Account Settings, and then click the “Delegate Access” option
  • Click on the name of the delegate for whom you want to change permissions, and then press “Permissions”
  • Change the permissions for any Outlook folder for which the delegate has access.
  • choose the Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions check box to send a message, to notify the delegate of the changed permissions, .


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