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Outlook Won’t Open?/how You Can Fix it

Your outlook won’t open? you are having issues trying to start Microsoft Outlook in your Windows 10 PC. Fixing it back and making it run in a proper way, might be much easier. simply follow the guidelines below.

outlook won't open

How To Fix Outlook Won’t Open In Windows 10

  • Start Outlook in safe mode
  • Create a new profile
  • Repair Outlook data file
  • Use Microsoft support and recovery assistant or go to support
  • Reset the navigation pane
  • Change the DPI settings
  • Delete Outlook app data folder

How To Disable Add-ins and Start Outlook In safe mode

  • Click on the “Windows and R” Keys
  • Type in outlook/safe and tap on “ok” tab
  • Key in your password, If you are prompted to enter a password

Disable Add-ins if outlook won’t open

  • To Disable Add-ins, in outlook Click “files” link
  • Select “options” tab
  • Choose “Add-ins” widget
  • If the manage box displays “com Add-ins” tap on “Go”
  • Disable all selected Add-ins and Pres on “OK”
  • Close Outlook
  • To start Outlook again and enable add-ins one after the other for you to detect where the problem is coming from
  • Hold on “Windows and R Keys”
  • Enter Outlook
  • Tap “OK”
  • Pres “file” tab
  • Click on “options”
  • Select “add-ins” and turn on one or more add-ins
  • Close and restart Outlook, you can turn on other add-ins to detect where the problem comes from

How To Create A New Profile for Outlook not opening

  • Pres on “ Windows andX Keys”
  • From the list provided, select “control panel ” tab
  • Tap “mail” link
  • Click on “show profiles” widget
  • Select “Add”
  • Key in the new profile name
  • Enter your name, email and password
  • Tap “next” button
  • Pres “finish” tab
  • Choose “prompt for a profile to be used
  • Click OK
  • Start Outlook from the pop up menu, select the new profile you created
  • Tap ok

Reset Navigation Pane if outlook won’t open

  • Press the “windows +R” Keys on your keyboard
  • Enter Outlook.exe/resetnavpane
  • Tap “ok”

How To Repair Your Outlook data file

  • Navigate to SCANPST.EXE and click on it twice to open
  • Click on “browse” button to select your outlook data file
  • Tap on “start” tab
  • Click “ repair” link,  if an error was detected

Change The DPI Settings if outlook won’t open

  • Right click your desktop
  • Select “display settings” button
  • move the slider to the left, for 100% to appear
  • logout of windows, as the process is completed,

How to Delete Outlook App data

  • Press “Windows +R” Keys
  • Type in %localappdata%
  •  Move to Microsoft folder
  • Find “Outlook” folder and erase it  and start Outlook again
  • If you want to delete outlook.xml file, press Windows +R  Key
  • Enter %appdata%
  • Click on “Enter or ok” tab
  • Navigate to Microsoft Outlook folder and find and delete outlook.xmlfile 

Use Microsoft support and recovery assistant

To download andrun this tool  follow these steps

  •  Download “support and Recovery Assistant” app
  • Launch and install the application
  • Yield to the licence agreement
  • Select “Outlook” tab
  • Click on “next” widget
  • Tap “Outlook Won’t start” button
  • Press “next” link
  • Click on “Yes” button to assert you are using the affected system
  • Select “next”
  • Key in your email address and password you use for office 365 and press “Next”
  • Wait for some time as app diagnose the problem
  • review the results

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