PayPal Email Address

PayPal Email Address is a service designed to help you simply and efficiently send as well as request money. Accounts are typically linked to email addresses.

PayPal Email Address

What is PayPal Email Address?

PayPal Email is the email address you use fromanother provider, be it your internet service provider, your employer or a third-party provider like Google or Microsoftin registering for PayPal. PayPal as a company, does not issue an email address to users.

PayPal Email Benefits

  • Users can configure PayPal to send them notifications thru email.
  • If you want to pay someone or send them money using PayPal, this can be done using a phone number or email address linked with their account.
  • Users can be request money from someone via PayPal

What You Need to Know

  • It is ideal to confirm anyone’s email address before sending him money or asking him for money on PayPal. This is because sendingmoney to the wrong address mayrequire you to the recipient for a refund or ask PayPal for help getting a refund.
  • PayPal, adviseds that you carry out a periodic review of the address associated to your account to make sure they’re current and that your primary contact address is still the contact you want to use.

How do I access PayPal Email?

If you want to confirm that the email you have is sent from PayPal;

Scroll to and log in. PayPal will welcomed you by your first and last name.

How to Confirm Email Address

To confirm PayPal email address;

  • Begin the confirmation process, by tapping “Next”, to the email address you want to confirm
  • Click on the “Confirm this email” link,  to have PayPal send you an email
  • Asyou receive the email, tap on the “Confirm your email” button.
  • Go to the PayPal login page, to key in your password, and complete the email confirmation process.

How do I change my Email address?

PayPal account users, are allowed to have multiple addresses linked to their PayPal account.

If you want Email addresses from your PayPal account

  • Start by signing into PayPal website and tap on the “Settings” button.
  • Tap on the “+” button in the “Email” section of the page.
  • Key in the email address you want to add in the text box and tap “Add Email”.
  • Tap “Confirm This Email”.
  • An email at that address with a link you can click to confirm you control the account. It will then be available to use for sending or receiving funds.

If you want to remove an address from your account

Simply tap on the “Remove” tab close to it.