PayPal Purchase History – How To View Your PayPal Purchase History

PayPal purchase history, is an initiative by PayPal to keep you abreast of your purchase transactions on a monthly or quarterly basis. Checking your PayPal order history for evidence of past transactions is vital. Also you can check someone’s PayPal history if you’ve previously sent money or accepted a payment from the user in the past. Note, only the user’s name is listed in your history, but if you tap on the details of the transaction, you’ll see the email address of the user.

PayPal Purchase History

How To View Your PayPal Purchase History

To view your PayPal purchase history, sign into your PayPal account, and tap on the “My PayPal tab on the top. Thereafter, tap on activity at the top of the page. Click “Download on the right side of the Activity page. Lastly, tap on the “Customize Download Fields” link on the right to open the Customize My History Download page.

PayPal gives you the option of viewing a record of all PayPal transactions in your account history at PayPal. This transition history includes the transaction date, transaction type, name, status, and the amounts linked with each transaction.

Transaction history can be sorted by transaction type as well as date.

In case a transaction is showing as complete in your transaction history and you have not gotten the funds for the transaction, just contact PayPal support for assistance.

How Long Is PayPal Purchase History?

The tracking number, is instantly linked to the PayPal purchase and, in most cases releases the hold over your PayPal account within 2-3 days.

How To View All Purchase Transaction History

To see all transactions, or a transaction with a specific person;

  • Click open Google Pay
  • From the rear of the screen, slide your finger up to display your contacts. To see all transactions, at the bottom of the screen, click on all transactions. To view transactions with a specific person, click the contact. Tap on each transaction to view more details.

Your PayPal purchase history keeps you abreast and on track of your transaction with PayPal and intimates you how you fare, as well as helps you see on time any mistakes if any.


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