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The Pentagon Federal Credit Union Foundation since 2001 has been dedicated to supporting Veterans. With a mission to provide service members, Veterans, their families and support networks with the skills and resources they need to build a strong financial future, PenFed changes lives via financial education, home ownership, short-term assistance and veteran entrepreneurial support.

More than 95% of funds raised by PenFed goes directly to support the Foundation’s program.

About Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Pentagon Federal Credit Union also known as PenFed, is a United States Federal Credit Union that is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, chartered and regulated under the authority of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). PenFed stands as the second largest federal credit union in the nation and has assets of $25 billion and more than 1.8 million members as of July 2018. PenFed offers loans, savings, and deposit accounts and also offers credit cards as well as other financial services.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union Programs

Military Heroes Fund Foundation Programs

  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Family &Caregiver Support
  • Home Buying Assistance
  • Interest Free Loan
  • Partner Programs
  • Disabled America Veterans – Emergency Financial Assistance.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union Membership

Just like other credit unions, membership in Pentagon Federal Credit Union is limited to individuals who share the common bond defined in it’s credit union charter. PenFed serves a diverse population whichcaptures membership via employment, association membership or volunteerism. No military affiliation is strictly needed. PenFed currently has open enrollment, no eligibility needed as of May, 2019. Note, that PenFed will do a hard credit inquiry immediately you open a checking or savings account.

PenFed Locations

PenFed branches are located in the Washington, D.C. area, which includes Maryland and Virginia; California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Nebraska, New Mexico; New York, North Carolina, Texas, and at military bases in Guam, Japan, Portugal, and Puerto Rico.

PenFed operates several call centers, in Omaha, Nebraska, Papillion, Nebraska, Eugene, Oregon and San Antonio, Texas. In 2003, Pentagon Federal Credit Union joined Allpoint, which is a surcharge-free network of automated teller machines.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union Foundation changes lives through financial education, home ownership, short-term assistance and veteran entrepreneurial support, you too can be a part of this big dream that has come alive.


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