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Say goodbye to fees with Petal Visa Card. Designed for millions of Americans with limited or no credit, the Petal Visa Card, charges no late fee, international fees, annual fee, or any other kind of fee.

Petal Visa Card Review

Those who are faced with the challenge of getting approved for credit with no history can take advantage of the Petal Visa Card, which checks your current digital financial record by looking at your bank account rather than checking the usual creditworthiness factors as other cards do. Petal Visa Card is issued by Web Bank. 

Petal Visa Card Reviews

Petal Visa Card is made for Americans who want to build credit, but are considered ineligible for cards by most credit companies. This card gives people a chance, as it grants cards, based on a person’s full digital financial record, rather than just their credit score. 

Why Petal Visa Card? 

  • No fees 
  • Starts at a $500 minimum limit once you are approved, and a maximum of $10,000.
  • Its mobile, the app also enables Petal to help you monitor your spending practices 
  • No credit history required 
  • Offers money management tools 

What Fees/Rates should I expect? 

  • Annual Fee – $0
  • Purchase APR – 15.24% to 26.24% (Variable) 
  • Intro Purchase APR – N/A
  • Intro Balance Transfer APR – N/A
  • Balance Transfer Fee – None 
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – None 
  • Interest-Free Period – Up to 21 days 

Petal Visa Card Application

  • Just anyone can apply for the Petal Visa Card, even if you do not have a prior credit history. 
  • Those with a history of bad credit or poor financial history will likely be disqualified from getting the card 
  • Those with fair to good credit scores are likely to get approval. 

Petal Visa Card Eligibility

  • You must be at least 18 years of age 
  • Be a US resident 
  • A valid Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is needed. 

What Credit Score is Needed? 

No credit history is required to apply for the card, although, you’ll stand a better chance of approval if you can prove sufficient income and a responsible history of paying your bills. You can apply if you have a fair to good credit score. 

Apply for Petal Visa Card? 

  • Apply by scrolling to the card website 
  • Click on the Apply Now link at
  • Enter the necessary information on each form provided, to complete your application 
  • If you are pre-approved, you’ll be invited by Petal to complete the full application. 

Does Petal Visa Card allow balance transfers or cash advances? 

No, Petal Visa Card does not permit balance transfers or cash advances. 

Does Petal Visa Card have EMV technology? 

Yes, Petal Visa Card is embedded with “EMV” (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) technology, which makes it more secure as compared to magnetic-strip cards. 

How does Petal Money work? 

Petal has no customer fees, and thus makes money via merchant fees collected once you use your card and the interest charged if you choose to carry a balance past your due date. 

What Payment Options are Available? 


Customers can set up Autopay in their Petal account, to avoid missing payments. 


Mail your payment to 


P.O. Box 980515

West Sacramento, CA 95798

Petal Visa Card Customer Service Number 

If you have any questions, call 1-855-697-3825.

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