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Pinterest Affiliate marketing Rules. Rules and regulations are guiding maps to work path. Any good innovation must have rules and regulations to help checkmate the activities of such a platform. The same goes for Pinterest affiliate marketing. However, having a Pinterest account is a good place to place your content. To monetize your Pinterest account you must set up a business account or convert the personal account to a professional one. Then, you can start creating boards and saving pins from other retailers that you cherish. Let’s get to see Pinterest affiliate marketing rules that one needs to observe while making good content.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Rules

Pinterest Affiliate marketing Rules

Pinterest Affiliate marketing rules are necessary to guide you in doing the right placing of products on your boards. Thereby creating amazing and fabulous boards for your followers. Here are a few Pinterest affiliate marketing rules to observe below.

Make a strong description

Your description determines how far your content can rank. Create tittle or make a description of your pin and let it be more informative, easy and straight to point. Use two or two captivating sentences to attract your followers to the products. Since the pin is leading followers directly to the seller, make sure you give good description and title each pin with a simple word. This will help your user to find your content when they search. Good description, more increase in sales.

Pinterest Affiliate Link disclosures

This is the most important rules users must always remember. When you add affiliate links to your pins you must remember to mention that it is an affiliate link. When describing Pinterest required you to always disclose that it is an affiliate link and affiliate networks demand it. You can write it within your description or use it as a hashtag affiliate at the end of your description. It is necessary in order to follow the affiliate network rules and abide by FTC regulations.

Create Boards just for Affiliate products

Make boards strictly for your affiliate items only. This will cause your followers to have strong confidence in your product. Each time they click on a pin link they are sure they will be directed to the place of purchase of such items.

Always Update Your Existing Pins

Always keep your board fresh with new pins. Go through your boards to see which of the pins is adequate enough to add an affiliate link. Use affiliate links for items that catch and match your followed description. This will establish confidence with your followers. Always be conscious of giving quality services and standards to your followers.

Don’t go overboard

The sole aim of making money with their affiliate link easily gets most people. You need to watch this and do not get crazy and start pinning thousands of affiliate links at a time. This will put off your followers easily. Affiliate links must not be misused. But to be used wisely. However, you have to keep up with the aesthetic of your brand. When you want to pin with an affiliate link, let your images have the same style, look, and color. Be consistent on your boards and pins so that you would not lose followers and clients.

Create skillfully

Let your post always maintains a good standard. Always mix products and inspirational Pins, that will help your targeted audience connect and realize the possibilities behind the items they save and click. For example, if you’re creating a board on pastries like cakes, save the items you would use to create the look and recipes you used in preparing the cake. Or if you are creating a board for fashion and style also share the possible events, such stuff can be worn with.


To increase the wave of your traffic to your Pinterest content, you need to cross-promote your site. Try and promote your Pins on other social media platforms. Also, there is nothing like plenty of boards or pins. Feel free and be creative and be specific with your board’s names. For a start, it is recommended to have up to 5 or fewer boards and keep to maintaining the few numbers of boards. Keep it ever fresh with new pins to keep engaging your followers and building their confidence on your page.

Avoid using short links

Do not use short Links like, etc. In Pinterest, an acceptable use policy is deeply forbidden.

Create Multiple pin images

The items you are promoting may probably come with graphics. But that should not stop you from creating you from your personal affiliate graphic that will go with your personal branding. This will differentiate you from others with the same pictures.


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